Tuesday, 15 September 2009

October 2007

In October we looked after my "human" sisters (Emma) house in Bournemouth while she & Ben went to Australia to get married...I told her that my Mum, Nattie, lived near there & that they could go & see them...she said it was a bit too far...shame! It was really cool staying there coz my mate Charlie lived just round the corner so we used to meet most mornings for a walk/run/play - sometimes another two vizzie mates (Herbie & Hazel) came along too...it was like having a mini whizz every day! I also started to go to gun-dog training with Dad - it was good fun but sometimes I got a bit bored coz we had to stand around a lot...I don't like standing still! Mind you, it was worth it as I made one really good friend called Bailey. Here's a picture of us with our Dad's (Bailey's Dad is called Steve).

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