Thursday, 20 October 2011

Budapest - Visit to the Vizsla homeland

Slightly off the topic of two red dogs in Dorset - in September I travelled to Budapest to run the Nike half-marathon as part of a team organised by the company I work for in Germany. Great I thought - a chance to search out some Vizsla on their home turf!

I checked out some kennels but in the end landed on a sunny Saturday with no real plan other than to survive the run! Over three days I had fleeting and tantalising glimpses of red dogs in this large and ancient city straddling the Danube... It started with promise as my first sighting was from the plane as it came into land. On the wide grassed areas beside the runway there was a chap striding along with a Vizsla ranging out in front of him...shining in the bright sunlight. What they were doing I have no idea but they looked very much like they were working...scaring birds maybe? Second sighting was from the bus to the hotel - a "city boy" loping along on the promenade next to the Danube - just a glimpse again before the bus swept on.. I spotted my third V at the start of the race on Sunday, where there was a male "white face" milling around with his family, there to support a local runner. No time to test my Hungarian but great to see the Vizsla spirit alive and kicking in an older dog... I survived the race but saw no more V's that day... Last day on Monday and last chance for V spotting - it wasn't looking too promising - plenty of sights in the old city but no V's. But then! A flurry of red surging from the back of a car and disappearing in through the doors of an old office building - three boys, one older, battered and with the shortest tail on any V I've seen - surely an accident I think. Running up I startled the lady handling them as she was closing the large wrought iron and glass doors; she understood enough English I think to realise I was only admiring her Magyar Vizslas and perhaps like me is used to total strangers being interested in our Vs. Somewhat bemused she paused long enough for me to see the three dogs turn on the ornate stone stairs inside, one giving me that classic Vizsla look of curiosity, head up, ears hooked up, steady golden gaze...then the lady spoke and they were off up the stairs and gone - that lovely head sticking in my mind like an echo...

So not a great trip for Vizsla spotting but maybe slightly more than I'd see on an average day in downtown Bournemouth...and there's always the race next year - maybe I'll do a bit more research next time though...

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Been a long time....

Radar - standing in the sky

Well it's been awhile since "Radar" posted... Maybe he just got bored, maybe his budgeoning interest in Vizzies of the opposite sex got the way or maybe he's just been too busy, what with his agility, prancy around in the showring, hospital visiting and general running around (lots of running around)...he hasn't told me why he hasn't posted anything but then he is a dog...granted one that gives every indication that he can talk sometimes.... The final straw in me taking over was the suspicion that the "R-dude" might be tempted use his internet access to plan a raid on the local brand of Pets at Home during the recent riots...I saved him from himself!

It's been a busy year for Radar, now a grown up 4, and his nephew Rio, 18 months and I'll be posting some updates soon, work and running around not start here's a couple images of the two of them having a high old time
in sunny Germany in July...

Rio concentrating on the next throw of the ring..

Radar with a Swedish MG TF (but more interested in the distribution of chicken wings going on behind me)

More later....


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

22nd March 2011 - carnage in Bournemouth!

When I looked outside this morning, I couldn't work out what the mess was on the back lawn (more mess than usual that is!!):


What I hadn't noticed at first was this Sparrowhawk eating his breakfast!!

Oh dear...poor Blackbird!

Rio soon saw the Sparrowhawk off & then worked on getting feathers up his nose!!

Monday 21st March 2011 - a walk in Ramsdown Forest

It was such a lovely day yesterday (REALLY spring like) that our afternoon walk just HAD to be in a forest. This time I chose Ramsdown which isn't too far from home so easy to get to. Here are a few photos & short videos for you to enjoy!

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Monday, 21 March 2011

What do I do with a turkey neck...?!

Lovely sunny day today so it was out in the garden with the lunchtime bones! For a change the boys had a turkey neck each...are they huge or what?!!! It was Rio's first time to sample this particular delight &, at first, he wasn't quite sure what to do with it so had to watch Radar for a while until he got the idea...

Ummm...what's this? It doesn't look or smell like a chicken wing or a lamb rib!

I'll just nip across & see what Radar's doing with his!

Can't quite see...let's get closer...

Out the way Radar...I could share yours now that you've got it started...!

Just some pictures...

Who's that sitting in the drivers seat...?!

Oh it's Radar...what a clever boy he is!!

Vizsla bookends...!!

The door Sphinx (aka Radar!) & his ceremonial rope!!

Sunday, 21st March 2011 - Radar's First Show!!

Guess what Radar did yesterday...after all this time I finally plucked up the courage to enter him in a dog show (why should Rio have all the fun!) - it was the Hungarian Vizsla Club Open Show.

Here's my boy "standing" so nicely!
My clever, precious boy did so well...he came 3rd in the Novice Class. I was so proud of him...he got lots of extra treats & cuddles!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Nail Clippings & Filings

As you may remember, one of my recent posts contained a plea for everyone to contact Di Addicott (01576 202258) to ascertain whether a SALIVA SAMPLE from your dog(s) would be useful for the Polymyositis research – thanks again to everyone who’s been in touch…keep those phone calls & offers coming!!!

Now I have another request…!

We also believe that, with ever advancing Technology, TOE NAIL CLIPPINGS or FILINGS will prove to be useful for future research into any inheritable illness(es). Currently, extracting DNA from things such as toe nails or hair is laborious so will not be done routinely, however, the plan is to build up a library that could be called on should any of its participants prove to be “key”.

Please could we have your dog(s) Nail Clippings or Filings!

It’s really simple…next time you give your red boys & girls a manicure, pop the clippings into a dry paper envelope that’s been clearly labelled with the:

• Vizsla’s Kennel Club registered (Pedigree) name
• Owners name, phone number & email address

Then put it into another envelope addressed to Di Addicott, Murrayfield, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, DG11 2PJ. If you’d find it easier, I have a supply of both types of envelopes that are ready prepared…if you’d like some let me know your address & I’ll get them to you.

This is a project to which we hope all Vizsla owners will be prepared to contribute.

Hope you & your red boys & girls are all well…keep watching this space as I’ll be trying to organise another whizz very soon…promise!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

9th, 10th & 11th March 2011...busy three days...phew!!

Wednesday 9th March started REALLY early...5 a.m. - I don't think Radar & Rio knew what hit them particularly when I took them out for their morning walk at 6 a.m....they were NOT impressed!!! Mind you, they probably knew that something was up because the night before I'd been packing up the car with a mulitude of stuff! So why the early start...well, it was Crufts week, so we were heading north so that Rio could compete at Crufts for the very first time.

We took a "slight" detour Radar wasn't allow to go to Crufts (you have to be "invited"!!), he was going to stay with our good friend (& his number 2 Mum) Vicky Martin for two nights. Vicky runs this incredible kennel called To The Manor Bourne which is in a village called Dyke, just north of Peterborough. To call it a "kennel" is really totally's a real home-from-home & Vicky loves & cares for all her "clients" as if they were her own, so we knew that Radar would be well looked after & would have an amazing time. After a four hour journey, we arrived at Vicky's at about 11 a.m. just in time for Radar to join her & her own dogs & "clients" for a fun swim at a local Hydrotherapy pool (Newborough Dogs Hydro Pool). Here's a very short video of him & Vicky in action...he looks a bit confused at having to wear a buoyancy aid...bless him!!!

After dropping Radar off, Rio & I headed west to a lovely village called Wyre Piddle, near Evesham...this time we were off to our friends Lynn & Roy (Rio's two-legged Grannie & Grandad) where we were going to stay the night. It was another long journey (about 3 hours...I think every tractor, caravan & learner driver were on the road at the same time as us!!) but we eventually arrived at about 3 p.m. We had a lovely relaxing afternoon & evening with Lynn & Roy & their 4 gorgeous vizzies - Digby (Rio's dad), Ali, Easle & Tango...Rio thought he was in seventh heaven with all those red dogs to play with!

Thursday morning was another early start (up at 6 a.m. & on the road at 7!)...this time Lynn was with us as she was going to handle Rio for me...yes, I know I'm a whimp...but I wanted Rio to enjoy himself & not have to deal with a quivering wreck!!! We arrived at Crufts(which is held at the NEC in Birmingham) at just before 8 a.m. so we had plenty of time to find our bench & relax a bit before judging began at 9 a.m. Rio's class (Special Puppy Dog) was second up (after Veteran Dog) & all too soon it was his turn!

You know what...I was just SO proud of my little boy...he trotted beautifully round the ring &, when necessary, stood like a rock (though his tail was wagging so fast it looked like a helicopter blade!!). Here's a few pictures/videos of him "in action":

Rio "standing" with Lynn holding on to his tail to keep it still!!

Rio being examined by judge Peter Upton.

Then came the moment of truth...would Rio get placed? precious pup was awarded SECOND place (which, apparently, qualifies him for Crufts 2012!) was so proud of him (& of Lynn too!). Here's a picture of him in final line up - again standing beautifully while the judge did his critique:

From left to right: 1st - HIGHFORCE MIDNIGHT FLYER (with Elaine Cannon); 2nd - ADOLPHUSTOWN ACORN (Rio, with Lynn Eales); 3rd - RANCHSTAR HENRY GRUBSTICK (with Pam Joyce)

And another photo...

Rio with his rosette & certificate...& handled by me...but I'm hiding!!
If you'd like to see the full results for Hungarian Vizslas go to this link:

And so our exciting day at Crufts ended...unfortunately it was too late (& too longer drive) to collect Radar, so he spent Thursday night with Mum he is having an explore:

Our exciting 3 days ended with me leaving Roy & Lynn's (thank you both so much for looking after us!) first thing Friday morning...then it was back to Vicky's (thank you for taking such good care of our precious boy!) to collect Radar & finally home...arriving back at about 6 p.m....phew...exhausted!! Radar & Rio didn't seem particularly tired though as witnessed by this peace for the wicked eh!!?

Monday, 7 March 2011

7th March 2011...Spring is here...

...or at least it is today!! Radar & Rio took advantage of the lovely sunshine to top up their suntans...

Togetherness! In case you're not sure...Radar's on the left & Rio's on the right!

Bright sun = squinty eyes!!!

This picture was taken on 15th March doesn't seem possible that
Rio's been with us for a year now...& is slightly bigger!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A Pet's Ten Commandments

  1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you is likely to be painful.
  2. Give me time to understand what you want of me.
  3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being.
  4. Don't be angry with me for long and don't lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends, your entertainment, but I have only you.
  5. Talk to me. Even if I don't understand your words, I do understand your voice when speaking to me.
  6. Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget it.
  7. Before you hit me, before you strike me, remember that I could hurt you, and yet, I choose not to bite you.
  8. Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I'm not getting the right food, I have been in the sun too long, or my heart might be getting old or weak.
  9. Please take care of me when I grow old. You too, will grow old.
  10. On the ultimate difficult journey, go with me please. Never say you can't bear to watch. Don't make me face this alone. Everything is easier for me if you are there, because I love you so.
~Take a moment today to be thankful for your pets. Enjoy and take good care of them. Life would be a much duller, less joyful experience without these critters.

~Now please pass this on to other pet owners. We do not have to wait for Heaven, to be surrounded by hope, love, and joyfulness. It is here on earth and has four legs!

Two things...a "thank you" & a little reminder!

Hi everyone

First & foremost, I’d like to thank everyone who has contacted Di Addicott (either by phone or email) to check whether or not their Vizsla’s DNA sample would be useful for the current research project into Polymyositis.

Now for the second thing…following a few calls/emails, there seems to be a bit of confusion around the PM research project itself – some people were under the impression that they had already contributed to the research as they had provided a DNA sample a couple of years ago via a “cheek swab”. This “cheek swab” project was actually for something completely different – it was for a possible Epilepsy project.

The Polymyositis SALIVA KITS are something quite different…they are state of the art & are capable of collecting high yield, good quality, DNA.

So, if you haven’t had a chance to get in touch with Di yet…PLEASE, PLEASE could you do so as soon as possible – every phone call, every email &, ultimately, every sample will bring us one step closer to finding the genetic marker for this horrendous disease that is causing so much pain & suffering to our beloved red friends & their two-legged guardians.

Di will be able to tell you immediately if your dogs sample would be useful to the project…her contact details are: 01576 202258 or

Thank you again in advance!

Take care…big hugs for all those gorgeous red boys & girls!!

Juliet x

Monday, 21 February 2011

New Friends - 20th February 2011

Rio & I made some new friends yesterday! Mum & Dad took us to Fritham, in the New Forest, for a walk & we met up with Jimmy & Ozzy (2 black labs) & their Mum & Dad (Aunty Debbie & Uncle Clive). We had a brilliant time running around the forest & swimming in the's a Smilebox of some of our antics:

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Our Cornish Holiday....

The Sunday 6th February saw us heading west to Cornwall for a weeks holiday. We stayed in a cottage at Hilton Farm, Marhamchurch which is just south of Bude...very convenient for the north Cornish coast.

We arrived mid-afternoon & so were able to start exploring a couple of the local beaches, Summerleaze & Widemouth, straight away. They are so typical of North Cornwall beaches...vast expanses of "proper" sand, rugged cliffs & BIG waves...perfect for us & our red boys!!

Summerleaze Beach

Widemouth Beach

Monday 7th saw us heading west again...this time to the pretty village & fishing port of Boscastle. You may remember hearing about the flash floods that devatated Boscastle in 2004. It's amazing that the village survived at all, but it did, & those buildings that were lost or damaged have been rebuilt in the orginal style.

Water raging through the fishing village of Boscastle in 2004

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Tuesday 8th saw us heading south to the lovely village of Rezare, Near Launceston where we spent the day with our good friends Martine & Andy & their two Vizslas...Rudh Kai (meaning "Red Dog" in Cornish) & Rudh Maw ("Red Boy"). Kai is actually Radar's nephew (like Rio!) even though he & Radar were only born 2 days apart!!

In the morning we went for a lovely walk through the fields & woods of the Tamar Valley. Our ginger boys had a brilliant time including playing in the River Inny as you'll see on the Smilebox below. After lunch (yummy, homemade, chicken & sweetcorn soup...thank you Martine!) we headed out again but this time the two-legged boys took guns with them so that we could do some proper gundog training...! It was the first time Radar & Rio had actually trained with guns & we were delighted that they weren't fazed in the least & on the "seek on" command were off quartering like the proverbial bullet from a gun! Unfortunately, the rabbits must have heard us coming & stayed firmly underground - John & Andy blamed Martine & me coz we were chatting but we reckoned the rabbits thought it was too cold to venture out!!

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On Wednesday it was time to head west again! We stopped off in St Tudy so that I could see my old primary school - it had hardly changed at all apart from now having about 60 pupils...when I was there, there were only 20!!! The other big difference was that the current Head Mistress doesn't sit with her back to the fire chain-smoking...times change...thankfully!!

St Tudy Primary School

Our next stop was Port Isaac a picturesque fishing village, again on the north Cornish coast.You would probably recognise this village as it was used for the ITV drama "Doc Martin"...though it was known as Port Wenn in the series!!!

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After we left Port Isaac we went to Polzeath...a beach I have fond memories of from childhood! It's absolutely enormous with proper caves & huge rock pools that are deep enough to swim in! There wasn't any swimming today though...far too cold...even Radar & Rio only paddled! Mind you, they were far more interested in playing "fetch" again, & again, & again, & again!!!

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Radar felt a bit left out so I gave him his own bandage!!!!

The final full day of our holiday saw us at Polzeath (again!) & also, in the afternoon, at Rock...this time, however, we were joined by Martine, Andy, Kai & Maw...fantastic! Unfortunately the weather in the morning was absolutely atrocious...we were all soaked through...luckily the only cafe open at Polzeath had a big log burning stove...the ideal place to let our coats "steam"!!!!

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After drying off, we left Polzeath & headed for Rock which is situated on the east side of the Camel Estuary - Rock has a lovely, long sandy beach that stretches from Porthilly Cove to Daymer Bay & much of it is backed by sand dunes...a real favourite with the dogs! We had a lovely lunch at a restaurant right by the beach (great home-made burgers!) was quite "posh" but, despite this, the dogs were allowed in as long as they behaved...which of course they did! Though Maw & Rio did manage a surreptitious play fight that probably looked, to the uninitiated, really vicious!!!

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And so our holiday came to an end...we all had a fantastic time...thank you John/Dad!!

New Forest Viz Whizz Update...

I’ve just received a lovely letter from Sue Millson (HVC Welfare Officer) thanking us all for the money we raised at our last whizz. I’ve attached the letter so that you can read it for yourselves but I think you’ll agree that our contribution has already helped.

I’d also like to thank all those who’ve contacted Di Addicott offering their dogs saliva samples…every single sample received means that we’re one step closer to finding the genetic marker for the horrendous disease, Polymyositis. If you haven’t managed to contact Di yet, please, please do so as soon as possible – she’ll be able to tell you immediately if your dogs sample would be useful. Her phone number is 01576 202258 or you could email her at

Hopefully see some of you at the next whizz…I shall be organising another one for April/May time when, with any luck, the weather will be slightly warmer…& drier – I’m beginning to think I’m going to have to have my waterproofs surgically removed!!!

Take care…big hugs for all those gorgeous ginger nutters!!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Buyer Beware by Sheila Gray

I read this article recently & thought it was worth sharing particularly considering the number of rescues both the Society & the Club are having to look after/rehome.
"The HVS feels prospective Vizsla owners should be made aware of contra-indications in the description of Vizslas as ideal family pets.
The Vizsla is a complicated character who requires lots of attention, exercise and training when adult.

Training should begin early in the puppies life.  It should be firm, patient and consistent.  Vizslas have a low threshold for boredom and will become either highly excited and silly or nervous and whingy if pushed too hard or dealt with in an aggressive manner.  However, they may try to become boss dog, or manipulate their owner if not shown their place in the home.

A highly intelligent dog, they require activities to engage their brain, otherwise they will use this intelligence to devise their own amusement which can spell trouble!

Vizslas are bred to have copious energy and are capable of working eight hours a day during the shooting season.  If not utilised this energy can cause the dog to become hyperactive and neurotic.  By nature Vizslas are excitable and extrovert, who display great affection toward their people.  This can be jumping up or taking hold of hand, wrist or a piece of clothing and mouthing it.

This is the Vizsla, it needs much attention and is not happy without sufficient exercise and will fret if left alone for long periods.

Can you cope with this?  If you have any doubts – do not get a Vizsla.

Sadly, there have recently been problems where the rescue team and some owners who have had to take the ultimate step - euthanasia. The Vizslas in question had shown repeated aggression.

Circumstances have varied as to the cause of this sad situation, it has been noted that some of the dogs involved have been somewhat closely bred.

Do examine the Pedigree and seek advice before deciding this is the dog for you.

Lifestyles have changed and people do not always have the time to devote to a dog.  Vizslas do not make good trophy or weekend dogs.

When in the right environment, there is no better companion than this breed, they just do not suit everybody.

In return for your care and commitment a Vizsla will give a lifetime of fun and devotion."

15th & 16th January 2011...

Almost up to date now!!! The main events in January took place on the 15th & 16th. The 15th was Rio’s first birthday… seems only yesterday that he was little tiny pup that fitted in the palm of my hand!!

Rio aged 4 days!!

Like Radar, Rio is pretty good on the computer!!! Here’s part of the email that he sent to his litter mates:

“I ‘ad a real gud birfday wee-kend. On Saturday morning Mum & Radar took me to an agility party…coz I’m ONE I woz ‘lowed to do big, growd up jumps (Mum says they’re “medium” height…not quite as high as Radar jumps…but I could do those too no probs!). We played lots of games at the party like “pass the ball” (I’s good at that coz Mum’s taught me to give her the ball when she says “hand”!), “sit in the hoop”…I’s good at sitting too!! We also did knock-out races over the jumps n frew the tunnels…I woz real fast…I got to the third round but, in the end, got beaten by my mate Lizzie…she’s a collie & is very very very fast & is FOUR!! Then, in the afternoon, Mum, Dad & Radar took me to St Catherine’s Hill…we had a grate time running up n down the hill n frew the bracken n stuff. Mum had a surprise for me…she’d brought me a nuw dummy & had wrapped some nice smelly pheasant wings round it (thank you Grannie Lynn…Mum said they were from you!)…I then had a good time doin’ my “seek on” thing…I orlways found it & took it back to Mum nicely!”

And so to the 16th…

10:45 on 16th January 2011 saw an extraordinary sight at the picturesque &, normally, peaceful New Forest area known as Mill Lawn, near Burley. Despite being a very gloomy day with torrential rain being threatened, when we arrived, the little car park was already filled to overflowing, with the excess cars lining the narrow forest road in all directions. So what were all these people doing there? Today was another New Forest Viz Whizz – we had hoped for a good turnout as we were celebrating Rio’s 1st birthday plus we were keen to hand out as many leaflets as possible about the horrendous disease, Polymyositis, that is affecting some of our beloved red dogs. The hoped for “good turnout” turned into an understatement…numerous times we tried to count the number of Vizlsas but gave up after 50 (!)…as usual, they just weren’t prepared to stand still for more than a nano-second!! In addition, there were about 10 “honorary Vizslas” enjoying the delights of the woods, the open areas of bracken & fern & the lovely meandering stream. As for their human companions – there were at least 100…& these hardy people, fully kitted out in their wet weather gear, had travelled from a variety of places across the South of England to join us…wow, that’s dedication to our wonderful breed! The walk was a great success – the dogs had a fantastic time socialising with each other & they ALL got on so well…just watching that red froth of Vizslas running & playing together was enough to bring tears to our eyes! The weather was really kind to us, it was mild & the rain held off though it was incredibly wet underfoot but no one complained...& certainly not the dogs!!! Here are some links to photos' of the walk plus a couple that Dexter & Ditto's Mum (Kate) put together:

In addition to this being a brilliant walk, that humans & red dogs alike enjoyed, we also managed to collect £115 for the Polymyositis/Welfare funds of the two breed societies HVS & HVC - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Time to catch up...

I can't believe where the time has gone...apart from our Christmas wishes, I haven't posted on Radar & Rio's Blog for absolutely ages! It's not that nothing has been happening...quite the reverse...between shows & ringcraft training, agility, PAT dog stuff & starting gundog training (phew!!), life for us & our two precious red boys has been hectic to say the least! So this will, hopefully, catch you up with just some of the things that they’ve been up to!

Rio experienced his first snow in December – initially he was quite confused by all the white stuff but soon got to enjoy racing around in it & learning how to catch snowballs. Radar, of course, is a snow veteran & seemed rather put out that there wasn’t more!!!

The 12th December saw us all at Rio’s final show of the year…the Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show which was held at the NEC in Birmingham. As I’m still trying to get my nerves under control when in the ring, Lynn offered to handle him for me which was fantastic & she did an absolutely brilliant job…plus it was great for me to actually see the little chap in action!! Clever Lynn managed to get our precious pup yet another 2nd place…wow…we’re all so proud of him…& her! Here are all the judging critiques for the shows where he managed to achieve 1st or 2nd i.e. multi-qualifying him for Crufts!! (in addition to the below, he also managed 2 VHC!!):

  • Paignton, 3rd August 2010 (Judge – Mr G Upton), SECOND – 6 months, nice head, good neck and shoulders, good topline, moved well, just needs a lot of time.
  • Bournemouth, 15th August 2010 (Judge – Mrs R Da Silva), FIRST – Charming puppies, both for whom the future bodes well. 7 month old baby giving his handler a hard time. Sweet expression, elegant in outline and well balanced. Moved well once settled. Won the class on a better infill of forechest.
  • Richmond,12th September 2010 (Judge – Mr Frank H Whyte), FIRST – A 7 month baby with good head and eye, good bone and feet, good depth of rib and well muscled quarters, promising but needs time to put it all together and firm up in outline.
  • HVC, 3rd October 2010 (Judge – Mrs G Burgoin), FIRST & RES. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Well proportioned at 8m but difficult to assess (nerves travelling down the lead!). Moved close behind.
  • Gundog Society of Wales, 13th October 2010 (Judge – Mrs Donna Holman), SECOND – Nice young dog and with pleasing balance, good topline on move, not as settled as 1.
  • LKA, 12th December 2010 (Judge – Mrs R Herbert), SECOND – 10 mths, loved him for type, lovely head and neck, correct angulation, super feet, moved very well in profile but pinning a bit from behind. Unlucky to meet 1.
Something else really exciting happened at the LKA show…we’d taken Radar with us (though not for competition) & whilst there Gill Barwick of the Bequerelle affix, a Championship Show Judge Breed Specialist, was kind enough to assess Radar not only for conformation but also for temperament. She said that: "He is a nice dog with a good conformation, good colour, good dark eye, sound bite & of a lovely steady temperament". As a result of this (& his very healthy 3/4 hip score), Cathy & Rich Austin (Radar’s breeders) have lifted his Kennel Club endorsement & have suggested that he would be suitable as a Stud…!!!!!

Now, to give you a break from reading, here's a few photos:

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