Friday, 18 March 2011

Nail Clippings & Filings

As you may remember, one of my recent posts contained a plea for everyone to contact Di Addicott (01576 202258) to ascertain whether a SALIVA SAMPLE from your dog(s) would be useful for the Polymyositis research – thanks again to everyone who’s been in touch…keep those phone calls & offers coming!!!

Now I have another request…!

We also believe that, with ever advancing Technology, TOE NAIL CLIPPINGS or FILINGS will prove to be useful for future research into any inheritable illness(es). Currently, extracting DNA from things such as toe nails or hair is laborious so will not be done routinely, however, the plan is to build up a library that could be called on should any of its participants prove to be “key”.

Please could we have your dog(s) Nail Clippings or Filings!

It’s really simple…next time you give your red boys & girls a manicure, pop the clippings into a dry paper envelope that’s been clearly labelled with the:

• Vizsla’s Kennel Club registered (Pedigree) name
• Owners name, phone number & email address

Then put it into another envelope addressed to Di Addicott, Murrayfield, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, DG11 2PJ. If you’d find it easier, I have a supply of both types of envelopes that are ready prepared…if you’d like some let me know your address & I’ll get them to you.

This is a project to which we hope all Vizsla owners will be prepared to contribute.

Hope you & your red boys & girls are all well…keep watching this space as I’ll be trying to organise another whizz very soon…promise!

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