Friday, 15 January 2010

Just pictures!

Sis Maple has now had 6 I'm an uncle 6 times over...just so exciting!! I haven't got any more exact details but here's a couple of photos of my new nephews & nieces:

Stop Press!

Hey guess what, I'M AN UNCLE. My sister Maple (who you'll remember was staying with me over Christmas & New Year) has just started having her puppies!! So far she's had 3 boys & 1 girl:

1) Macadamia (Mac) 314g/boy
2) Peanut 238g/boy (breach)...needs some help at the moment
3) Cashew 295g/boy (breach)...knows how to drink!!
4) Pecan/girl

I'll keep you all updated & will let you see some pictures as soon as I can. In the mean time, here's a short video of Mac...sorry about Uncle David's head...he just wanted to keep giving Mapes lots of kisses & got in the way a bit!!!!

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

8th January 2010 - Time with Dad!

Dad was having fun taking some "profile" pictures of me's a couple of them so what'd I handsome or what?!!

Afterwards he took me into the park for a run an''s a short video for you to enjoy!!

6th January 2010 - Snow in Bournemouth!

I thought I was going to have to wait for my holiday before having some snow to play in but today it snowed in've never seen it here before. Mind you there wasn't very much...certainly not as much as I saw in France last year...but enough to get excited about!!

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4th January 2010 - Back to Work!

Excellent...back to work today...I'd really missed all my
friends at the Juniper Centre.

I quicky made up for lost time & had a great time being stroked & cuddled - Sandra thought my fur was real soft & kept running her hand along my back which felt lovely...she was very gentle. My mate Debbie was really pleased to see me too & kissed my nose...not sure Mum was too impressed with that but I liked it!

For the first time Michael was happy for me to sit near him - I was really, really pleased coz he seems really nice & I really, really want him to know that I'm nice too! The other thing I did woz play ball with Michelle - she kept throwing it so that I could take it back to her which was really good I got stinky fish treats each time I took it back...yum!!

Here's me lying next to my friends Michael & Michelle.

Catch up time!

I can't believe it's so long since I had a chance to write my was really busy over Christmas & New Year what with parties & loads of other stuff too!

My lovely sister, Maple, has gone home now (boo, hoo!) - I really miss her as it was great having her to stay...even if she was a bit bossy sometimes! What I really miss is not having her to play with (she's a real good player!) & to cuddle up to particularly now that the weather is so cold!

I've put together a Smilebox of just some of the things we got up to between Christmas & New Year:

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