Sunday, 10 January 2010

4th January 2010 - Back to Work!

Excellent...back to work today...I'd really missed all my
friends at the Juniper Centre.

I quicky made up for lost time & had a great time being stroked & cuddled - Sandra thought my fur was real soft & kept running her hand along my back which felt lovely...she was very gentle. My mate Debbie was really pleased to see me too & kissed my nose...not sure Mum was too impressed with that but I liked it!

For the first time Michael was happy for me to sit near him - I was really, really pleased coz he seems really nice & I really, really want him to know that I'm nice too! The other thing I did woz play ball with Michelle - she kept throwing it so that I could take it back to her which was really good I got stinky fish treats each time I took it back...yum!!

Here's me lying next to my friends Michael & Michelle.

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