Monday, 21 December 2009

See we love really each other!

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20th December 2009 - Sunday Mini Whizz!

Hey guess what...Mapes & me had a brilliant walk today with 3 other mate Indy, our new mate Eszti & our even newer mate Butler...check out our Smilebox:

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Sunday, 20 December 2009

18th December 2009 - Pointing

Just a quick post here - Mum took a picture of me in the garden pointing at a pigeon...what d'ya reckon, reasonable point? I suppose my tail could have been straighter...!

Wednesday 16th December

Maple came to agility with me this morning - I had a great time but Mum was really mean...she wouldn't let Mapes have a go coz she said that Maple mustn't get too excited...poor Mapes - she watched me really carefully & I explained what all the different moves & turns were about when we snuggled up in the car afterwards! Mum sort of made up for it later...she took us to Ramsdown Forest for a walk which was great except that she made Maple wear my fleece...just in case she was cold - what d'you she impressed or not?!

Hey, I've just noticed...Mapes looks really like me (when
you can't see her girl bits obviously!!) but then, she is my sister!!

Tuesday 15th December - down at the river!

It's so great having Maple here with means I've got someone to play with & sleep with...even though she won't let me share her's so unfair!! She won't share her food with me either...I have to wait till she's finished & then sneak in to grab the scraps!!! She tells me that she's the boss (even though she's just visiting!!) as in the dog world, girls' are in charge particularly if that girl's expecting pups! I don't mind her being in charge coz I loves her lots & gives her kisses on the nose & ears all the time!

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Monday, 14 December 2009

Day Two with Maple!

It's definitely different having my sister to stay...I'm having to share the cuddles with Mum & Dad a bit which is ok but takes a bit of getting used to!! Up till now the only dog sleep-overs have been with mates like Indy, Charlie & Amber...this is the first time with a sister! And...this is a big secret so don't tell anyone...Mum says Maple might be expecting puppies in January...maybe that's why she smells a bit different?! Don't know where the puppies are or how she's got them - perhaps I'd better have a man-to-dog talk with Dad!

Anyhows...Mum says we've got to treat Maple as normal so we've been doing the playing thing & have had some great walks today - we went to the river this morning, then to St Catherine's Hill at lunch time &, finally, met Indy & Aunty Gail at Hurn Forest this afternoon...yessssssss just so much fun! Here's a Smilebox of our walk at St Catherine's Hill:

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Sunday, 13 December 2009 sister's come to stay!

This is just so good...I've got someone to play with & keep me company & better still it's my sister Maple...when we wos born & living with our Mum (Nattie) she was called Miss Red...I wos Mr Purple. Here's a couple of pictures of when we wos tiny:

Here we all are at 14 days old...Mum Nattie has got her leg
round Maple & I'm lying just by Mum's head!!

Here's my sister Miss 6 weeks old!

Anyhows...Maple's Mum, Dad & sister (Caroline, David & Mimi) arrived this morning with Mapes & all her things - typical girl...she's got loads of stuff! Mind you I guess she might need it coz she's staying with me for 3 whole weeks while her Mum, Dad, sister & brother go on holiday to a place called Kenya - don't know where that is but I reckon it must be near 'Merica coz that's a long way away too!!!

After Mape's Mum & Dad left we went for a really cool walk to the New Forest - we met my mate Indy & his Mum & Dad. Here's a picture of the 3 of us looking very handsome...whoops, sorry Mapes...beautiful!!

From the left: Dad with Maple, me, Roger & Indy...
don't know what Maple & Indy are looking at - I must have
missed out there!

I'll keep you all updated with what we get up keep checking out my Blog!!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Another New Forest Walk!

Mum & Dad took me for another New Forest walk today - this time we went to High Corner Inn at Linwood. Unlike last Sunday, the weather was really great...sunny, quite warm &, for a change, NO rain...not that I'm bovered by the rain of course! Here's me & Dad - I'm sitting (nicely don't you think!!) waiting for Dad to open the gate into the inclosure.

Mum thinks I look very handsome...of course, what else!!!!

We walked (well Mum & Dad walked...I mostly ran!!) through the woods - sometimes Mum & Dad couldn't see me very well as I'm the same colour as the leaves & ferns...real good for hiding from them...hee, hee!! I also managed to find a good stick which I kept for tasted good & smelt even better which was handy as if I dropped it I could always find it again...even if it was a long way away!

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Coz of all the rain we've had the little stream had got pretty big - you can see in these 2 pictures how flooded it was. One real positive thing 'bout havin' lots of rain...the water tasted sooooo good!

While we were at this bit of the stream, Dad played a game with me which he called "Pooh Sticks" (but Mum renamed it "Radar Sticks"!). It worked like this...Dad threw my stick into the stream by the bridge &, of course, I jumped in to get it. One little problem...there was much more water than usual & it was moving much faster than I remember from before! I didn't realise at first that Dad wanted me to swim under the bridge towards him...I was trying to swim the other way - I wasn't getting very far so in the end I turned towards Dad...I didn't half move fast!! Just look at the video that Mum'll get the idea!!!

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After that bit of excitement, I had a mad minute running round a tree with my stick...well, a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do!!

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Then it was off to another stream (not as deep or fast this time) for a bit of posing & pointing!!

Finally we headed back to the car but first Dad did a bit of "ignore the horse" training with you can tell I wasn't really that fact I woz a bit bored!!

Great walk...thanks Mum & Dad...can't wait for the next one!!!!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Agility with my mates...!

Saturday afternoon means just one thing to me...time to do one of my most favouritist things...AGILITY!

Mum came all prepared with my coat & towel coz she thought it was going to rain some more (am I bovered by a bit a rain...doesn't she realise I's a big roughty, toughty boy now?!!) ...but we woz lucky coz it stayed dry till we were on our way home again!  Mind you, the 'gility course was already pretty slippy...for Mum, not me of course! One time Mum fell over...I woz worried she'd hurt herself so I gave her a big "get better" kiss - I got her right on the lips...& I'd bin digging in the dirt...ha, ha!

This week only 3 of my mates turned up - Trainer Jo thought the others might be doin' some Christmas shopping or somat...don't know what that is but it sounds REEEEEAAAALLLLY boring...'gility's much more fun! Anyhows, my mates that did come were: Daisy with her Mum Tracy, Lily with Mum Debbie & Rufus (another vizzie like me) with his Dad Simon. Mum (with Tracy's help) took some movies of us doin' our stuff...enjoy!

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