Sunday, 6 December 2009

Another New Forest Walk!

Mum & Dad took me for another New Forest walk today - this time we went to High Corner Inn at Linwood. Unlike last Sunday, the weather was really great...sunny, quite warm &, for a change, NO rain...not that I'm bovered by the rain of course! Here's me & Dad - I'm sitting (nicely don't you think!!) waiting for Dad to open the gate into the inclosure.

Mum thinks I look very handsome...of course, what else!!!!

We walked (well Mum & Dad walked...I mostly ran!!) through the woods - sometimes Mum & Dad couldn't see me very well as I'm the same colour as the leaves & ferns...real good for hiding from them...hee, hee!! I also managed to find a good stick which I kept for tasted good & smelt even better which was handy as if I dropped it I could always find it again...even if it was a long way away!

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Coz of all the rain we've had the little stream had got pretty big - you can see in these 2 pictures how flooded it was. One real positive thing 'bout havin' lots of rain...the water tasted sooooo good!

While we were at this bit of the stream, Dad played a game with me which he called "Pooh Sticks" (but Mum renamed it "Radar Sticks"!). It worked like this...Dad threw my stick into the stream by the bridge &, of course, I jumped in to get it. One little problem...there was much more water than usual & it was moving much faster than I remember from before! I didn't realise at first that Dad wanted me to swim under the bridge towards him...I was trying to swim the other way - I wasn't getting very far so in the end I turned towards Dad...I didn't half move fast!! Just look at the video that Mum'll get the idea!!!

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After that bit of excitement, I had a mad minute running round a tree with my stick...well, a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do!!

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Then it was off to another stream (not as deep or fast this time) for a bit of posing & pointing!!

Finally we headed back to the car but first Dad did a bit of "ignore the horse" training with you can tell I wasn't really that fact I woz a bit bored!!

Great walk...thanks Mum & Dad...can't wait for the next one!!!!

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