Sunday, 13 December 2009 sister's come to stay!

This is just so good...I've got someone to play with & keep me company & better still it's my sister Maple...when we wos born & living with our Mum (Nattie) she was called Miss Red...I wos Mr Purple. Here's a couple of pictures of when we wos tiny:

Here we all are at 14 days old...Mum Nattie has got her leg
round Maple & I'm lying just by Mum's head!!

Here's my sister Miss 6 weeks old!

Anyhows...Maple's Mum, Dad & sister (Caroline, David & Mimi) arrived this morning with Mapes & all her things - typical girl...she's got loads of stuff! Mind you I guess she might need it coz she's staying with me for 3 whole weeks while her Mum, Dad, sister & brother go on holiday to a place called Kenya - don't know where that is but I reckon it must be near 'Merica coz that's a long way away too!!!

After Mape's Mum & Dad left we went for a really cool walk to the New Forest - we met my mate Indy & his Mum & Dad. Here's a picture of the 3 of us looking very handsome...whoops, sorry Mapes...beautiful!!

From the left: Dad with Maple, me, Roger & Indy...
don't know what Maple & Indy are looking at - I must have
missed out there!

I'll keep you all updated with what we get up keep checking out my Blog!!


  1. Juliet and John,
    Having two in the home is a complete different experience than one. Have a grand time.

  2. Hi Rod - it certainly is particularly having a bitch & a dog...Maple's top dog already!! Plus...a big plus...hopefully she's pregnant so she must smell even more strange to Radar!!