Saturday, 5 December 2009

Agility with my mates...!

Saturday afternoon means just one thing to me...time to do one of my most favouritist things...AGILITY!

Mum came all prepared with my coat & towel coz she thought it was going to rain some more (am I bovered by a bit a rain...doesn't she realise I's a big roughty, toughty boy now?!!) ...but we woz lucky coz it stayed dry till we were on our way home again!  Mind you, the 'gility course was already pretty slippy...for Mum, not me of course! One time Mum fell over...I woz worried she'd hurt herself so I gave her a big "get better" kiss - I got her right on the lips...& I'd bin digging in the dirt...ha, ha!

This week only 3 of my mates turned up - Trainer Jo thought the others might be doin' some Christmas shopping or somat...don't know what that is but it sounds REEEEEAAAALLLLY boring...'gility's much more fun! Anyhows, my mates that did come were: Daisy with her Mum Tracy, Lily with Mum Debbie & Rufus (another vizzie like me) with his Dad Simon. Mum (with Tracy's help) took some movies of us doin' our stuff...enjoy!

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