Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mini Whizz with Fergus!

Hey folks...guess where we went today? Mum took us to Mill Lawn for a walk (our most favouritist place!) & we met our mate Fergus n his hooman Mum, Aunty Nicky. Poor Winston & Uncle Mike couldn't come this time...we missed them loads! Hopefully Mum'll take us to the woods near where Fergus & Winston live so that we can all have a walk together! Aunty Nicky took some brilliant pictures of us vizzies having fun...running, sniffing, paddling, swimming, fetching sticks n stuff - here's a link to Fergus' blog so you can have a look see:

Friday, 18 June 2010

17th June 2010 - Birthday swim!

It woz Mum's birthday yesterday so, after we left Otto, Dad took Mum & us for a special swim at Branksome beach!!!! We had a great time fetching the dummy & the wet-wubba from the sea - Rio's getting really fast...I reckon he's going to be faster than me soon! He's also brilliant in the sea...not at all scared of the waves as you'll see:

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By the way, Dad took Mum out for some dinner after we left the beach...I have a feeling she didn't get chicken wings!!!!!

17th June 2010 - Time with Otto!

Rio & me had a great time yesterday afternoon. Mum was looking after her grandson,'s funny to think of Mum as "Granny J"...does that make him Cousin Otto to Rio & me?!

Otto is 21 months old & is walking & running everywhere...he's also getting to be a real good talker...he can say Radar & Rio, & sit, & wait & leave it & off & eat grass. He was saying "eat grass" loads coz both Rio & me like munching grass - Dad reckons we're goats...hee, hee! He was also saying "off" loads coz we really wanted to explore the flower beds where Emma (Mum's hooman daughter!) had planted some nice new plants!!

Unfortunately, Otto is 'lergic to dogs so, even though he loves us loads, he mustn't touch us - if he does he gets all itchy, scratchy red bits. I'd, obviously, really like to snuggle up & give him a special Radar kiss (!),  but I learnt ages ago not to touch him...I woz real impressed that Rio seemed to know straight away not to touch either...what a good puppy!'s some pictures of us three boys:

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Monday, 14 June 2010

13th June 2010 - fun at the beach!

Yesterday afternoon, Mum & Dad took us to the dog beach at Sandbanks...we had a great time swimming & fetching the wet-wubba & wet-dummy. Even better, Dad came swimming with us...he was wearing a funny black coat that he said would keep him warm in the cold water. & Radar didn't need a special coat coz we're big roughty, toughty dogs!! Here's a Smilebox with the videos that Mum took (btw...she says sorry about the background was very windy!!):

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First Agility Class!

Hey folks...guess what...I had the best time on Saturday coz Mum took me to my first agility much fun was that!!!

Coz I'm only little I can't do proper jumps yet (like wot Radar does!) but Aunty Jo, my teacher, said it was ok to run between the wings of the jumps & to go through the tunnels. Plus she's got a baby dog-walk so I got to try that out too. Aunty Jo said that I had to listen to Mum very carefully & do what she told me...I learnt 3 new commands..."jump", "tunnel" & "walk" I clever or what!!!

Dad came to watch me & took some videos...have a watch & see what you think:

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Friday, 4 June 2010

30th May 2010 - a bit of ringcraft practice!!

Dad & Mum took Radar & me to see Mum Caroline & Dad David last was really great coz we also got to play with my doggie Mum, Maple - we had a great time! Then Mum asked Caroline to give her some ringcraft tips...did they REALLY have to make me stand on the trampoline...?!!!!!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

30th May 2010

I love my big brother...!!!

25th May 2010 - a walk in the forest!

Here's a few pictures of Radar & me (well, mainly of me!!) on one of our walks:
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Oh dear...

...I think I'm getting a bit big for my puppy crate...what d'ya reckon?!!!!!