Sunday, 10 January 2010

8th January 2010 - Time with Dad!

Dad was having fun taking some "profile" pictures of me's a couple of them so what'd I handsome or what?!!

Afterwards he took me into the park for a run an''s a short video for you to enjoy!!


  1. Woof! I'm Roo - another red Vizzy whizzy dog. I'm only 15 weeks old but also live in Bournemouth. I've been enjoying the snow in Queens Park with Mum & Dad!

    Hope to bump into you at some point in the future :)

  2. Hey Roo...that's brilliant that you live close to me...can't wait to meet up for a play!

  3. Brill - email me on and we can arrange a play date! It will be good to play with another vizzy :)

  4. John and Juliet,
    Well I have a plan to make it to the New Forest on the last weekend of April. Hope it warms up by then. Had a great time in the desert last weekend. You would have loved it.

  5. Fantastic...the bed's made up! We'll organise a whizz for Sunday 25th in your honour when we get back from France! Jx