Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Forest Viz Whizz Update...

I’ve just received a lovely letter from Sue Millson (HVC Welfare Officer) thanking us all for the money we raised at our last whizz. I’ve attached the letter so that you can read it for yourselves but I think you’ll agree that our contribution has already helped.

I’d also like to thank all those who’ve contacted Di Addicott offering their dogs saliva samples…every single sample received means that we’re one step closer to finding the genetic marker for the horrendous disease, Polymyositis. If you haven’t managed to contact Di yet, please, please do so as soon as possible – she’ll be able to tell you immediately if your dogs sample would be useful. Her phone number is 01576 202258 or you could email her at diane@murrayfield.wanadoo.co.uk

Hopefully see some of you at the next whizz…I shall be organising another one for April/May time when, with any luck, the weather will be slightly warmer…& drier – I’m beginning to think I’m going to have to have my waterproofs surgically removed!!!

Take care…big hugs for all those gorgeous ginger nutters!!

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