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15th & 16th January 2011...

Almost up to date now!!! The main events in January took place on the 15th & 16th. The 15th was Rio’s first birthday… seems only yesterday that he was little tiny pup that fitted in the palm of my hand!!

Rio aged 4 days!!

Like Radar, Rio is pretty good on the computer!!! Here’s part of the email that he sent to his litter mates:

“I ‘ad a real gud birfday wee-kend. On Saturday morning Mum & Radar took me to an agility party…coz I’m ONE I woz ‘lowed to do big, growd up jumps (Mum says they’re “medium” height…not quite as high as Radar jumps…but I could do those too no probs!). We played lots of games at the party like “pass the ball” (I’s good at that coz Mum’s taught me to give her the ball when she says “hand”!), “sit in the hoop”…I’s good at sitting too!! We also did knock-out races over the jumps n frew the tunnels…I woz real fast…I got to the third round but, in the end, got beaten by my mate Lizzie…she’s a collie & is very very very fast & is FOUR!! Then, in the afternoon, Mum, Dad & Radar took me to St Catherine’s Hill…we had a grate time running up n down the hill n frew the bracken n stuff. Mum had a surprise for me…she’d brought me a nuw dummy & had wrapped some nice smelly pheasant wings round it (thank you Grannie Lynn…Mum said they were from you!)…I then had a good time doin’ my “seek on” thing…I orlways found it & took it back to Mum nicely!”

And so to the 16th…

10:45 on 16th January 2011 saw an extraordinary sight at the picturesque &, normally, peaceful New Forest area known as Mill Lawn, near Burley. Despite being a very gloomy day with torrential rain being threatened, when we arrived, the little car park was already filled to overflowing, with the excess cars lining the narrow forest road in all directions. So what were all these people doing there? Today was another New Forest Viz Whizz – we had hoped for a good turnout as we were celebrating Rio’s 1st birthday plus we were keen to hand out as many leaflets as possible about the horrendous disease, Polymyositis, that is affecting some of our beloved red dogs. The hoped for “good turnout” turned into an understatement…numerous times we tried to count the number of Vizlsas but gave up after 50 (!)…as usual, they just weren’t prepared to stand still for more than a nano-second!! In addition, there were about 10 “honorary Vizslas” enjoying the delights of the woods, the open areas of bracken & fern & the lovely meandering stream. As for their human companions – there were at least 100…& these hardy people, fully kitted out in their wet weather gear, had travelled from a variety of places across the South of England to join us…wow, that’s dedication to our wonderful breed! The walk was a great success – the dogs had a fantastic time socialising with each other & they ALL got on so well…just watching that red froth of Vizslas running & playing together was enough to bring tears to our eyes! The weather was really kind to us, it was mild & the rain held off though it was incredibly wet underfoot but no one complained...& certainly not the dogs!!! Here are some links to photos' of the walk plus a couple that Dexter & Ditto's Mum (Kate) put together:

In addition to this being a brilliant walk, that humans & red dogs alike enjoyed, we also managed to collect £115 for the Polymyositis/Welfare funds of the two breed societies HVS & HVC - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

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