Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Been a long time....

Radar - standing in the sky

Well it's been awhile since "Radar" posted... Maybe he just got bored, maybe his budgeoning interest in Vizzies of the opposite sex got the way or maybe he's just been too busy, what with his agility, prancy around in the showring, hospital visiting and general running around (lots of running around)...he hasn't told me why he hasn't posted anything but then he is a dog...granted one that gives every indication that he can talk sometimes.... The final straw in me taking over was the suspicion that the "R-dude" might be tempted use his internet access to plan a raid on the local brand of Pets at Home during the recent riots...I saved him from himself!

It's been a busy year for Radar, now a grown up 4, and his nephew Rio, 18 months and I'll be posting some updates soon, work and running around not withstanding...to start here's a couple images of the two of them having a high old time
in sunny Germany in July...

Rio concentrating on the next throw of the ring..

Radar with a Swedish MG TF (but more interested in the distribution of chicken wings going on behind me)

More later....


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