Friday, 18 September 2009

13th August 2008

Oh dear, I was feeling a bit out-of-sorts today - I had to go back to see Vet Kit for a check-up coz, since getting that horrid French Heartworm, I'd been having what Mum & Dad call "fits" - I can't really remember much about them but Mum says that I go all twitchy & afterwards am a bit "spaced out" & whiny.

Kit said that I had to have a little sleep coz he wanted to have a look inside my tummy, chest & head just to make sure that nasty French Heartworm had all gone - I was a bit scared! I didn't need to be - he was very gentle & I think he must be very clever coz when I woke up the only thing that seemed different was a smart blue plaster on my leg...I had a peek underneath but couldn't see anything apart from NO HAIR...he'd shaved me again...& just when it had started to grow back - at least he didn't shave me anywhere else!!

When we got home, Mum gave me a really nice bone as a reward for being I wasn't hungry I buried it in the garden for later...hence the black nose...

Anyhow, it turns out that one of those wiggly worms went into my head - it's dead now but the place where it was has got what Vet Kit calls scar tissue & it's this tissue that makes me have fits. Kit thinks it may get better in time - I hope so!

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