Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New Forest Viz Whizz - 27th September 2009

Indy's Mum & Dad (Uncle Roger & Aunty Gail!!!) organised a walk for us Vizzies last Sunday. So 11 o'clock saw me (& Mum & Dad of course!) at Fritham in the New Forest for a brilliant Whizz with my mates. We had a really good time running through the forest and we even managed a cooling swim in the stream. One of the best bits was meeting up with my sister, Maple, who I haven't seen since we were about 6 months old. Here we are sitting next to each other...I'm the one on the left - I was doing a bit of "talking" as I didn't really want to sit still!!

It was also really good to see my litter-mate Rudh Kai again - now that he's persuaded his Mum & Dad to come home to England I'm hoping we can see lots more of each other! Even though he's not, I think of Kai as my brother - to explain, Kai's Mum, Edie, is my half-sister, so I guess that really makes him my nephew...even though he's only 2 days younger than me...weird!!!!

And, guess what...lucky Kai's now got a little brother called Rudh Maw - he's very cute though he's got really sharp teeth as I found out when he tried to nibble my ear...I didn't really mind & gave him a tummy lick to show him that I would be his mate!!

Here's a few more photos of our walk...enjoy!

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  1. Looks like a great walk in late September and the dogs and people look very happy to be enjoying the early Fall sun.

  2. It certainly was a brilliant walk & we were so lucky with the weather. I think there were 15 vizzies...but hard to tell as they rarely stay still for more than a second!! One thing I always find incredible is the way they all get on so well together...whatever their age/sex. Take care. Juliet

  3. Great shots. Radar is a handsome boy.

  4. Thank you - must admit that we think so but then we're a bit biased!! Love your blogs...ah...all those vizzies! Congratulations on your show success.