Tuesday, 15 September 2009

In the beginning...

To start with I was living in Stroat, near Chepstow, with my Mum, my 7 brothers & sisters, my half-sister (Edie), her 8 puppies & Cathy & Rich...phew, what a house full...but didn't we have fun together! Then, at the beginning of July, my new Mum & Dad (Juliet & John) came to take me to my new home in Poole, Dorset...what an adventure! We had a long drive to get there & I was a bit scared coz I'd never been in a car before - but Mum sat next to me & rubbed my ears...really nice, I still like an ear rub now! Mum also kept making all these funny noises...Dad said she was just talking, but it sounded like rubbish to me! When we got home, they gave me my new bed...I made use of it straight away...I was sooooo tired!

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