Friday, 18 September 2009

December 2008

Apart from Christmas, which was great...Nan Iris came to stay & we had some brilliant walks on the beach & in the New Forest - December wasn't the best month!

I kept having those "fit" things & they were happening more & more often so Mum & Dad took me to see a special doctor (called a Neurologist). He said that the place in my head where the French Heartworm had been was still acting as a site for my fits...he called it Secondary Epilepsy which meant that it was all the worms fault. He said I could take some special pills which would, hopefully, stop the fits happening and that if they didn't happen for a year I would probably be all well again...I really hope so coz the fits really cramp my style! I'm keeping all 16 toes crossed that the pills work!

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