Saturday, 19 September 2009

February, March & April 2009

After our fantastic holiday we returned home with a bump...well actually with a slide!! When we got back to England we were faced with, guess what, SNOW - however, unlike in France where everyone just carries on as normal, here everything comes to a standstill - it took us hours & hours to get home! But it was great the next day to be able to run through snow in the New Forest!

It also was great to be home & I immediately sat on my favourite place!!!

The rest of February & March passed really quickly with me doing what vizzies do, play, sniff, eat etc. etc.!! I got to meet my mate Indy most days for walks in the forest & I also went swimming in the River Stour most days too. Mum & Dad said that I had to get fit & loose a bit of weight - unfortunately, I'd got a bit porky when I was having those horrid fit things! So far, toes crossed, the pills seem to be working & I haven't had any more since I started taking them.

At the end of April I went to, yet another, Viz Whizz - this time we went to a place called Mill was great...loads of space to run, places to sniff & a stream to paddle or swim in...what more could a vizzie ask for!

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