Saturday, 19 September 2009

January 2009

Wow...what a brilliant month this was! Dad took Mum & me to France for a whole MONTH...weren't we the spoilt ones!! We stayed in my mate Charlie's Grandad's apartment in a little town called Chapelle d'Abondance which is in the Alps on the French/Swiss border. We went & played in the snow everyday - it took me a while to get used to it coz, to start with, I couldn't work out why if I jumped or ran on it, I disappeared...I quickly learnt to tip-toe!!! Sometimes Mum & Dad wore weird things on their feet called skis - they said it made it easier to go down the hills...couldn't understand that coz I could run down the hills no problem! There were some dogs that wore shoes - Mum said the dogs were Huskies & that they wore shoes coz they did loads of running & had to protect their pads. I reckon they weren't as tough as me coz I did loads of running too & I didn't have to wear wussie shoes...though Mum did rub some special wax into my pads to keep them soft! Mum & Dad took LOADS of pictures - I've just chosen some of the bestest ones for you to look at:

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