Monday, 26 July 2010

25th July 2010 - Fording the River Stour...Dad Style!!

Mum took us down to the river again today. When we got there...big surprise...Dad was there too coz he'd decided that he wanted to go in the river too! Only trouble was he seemed to forget that going in the river meant he had to wear his swimmies...instead he'd put on all these funny clothes including big boots, gloves & a hat...silly Daddy...didn't he realise that water is wet!! Even weirder...he was riding on this thing called a motor bike...!! Anyhows, after Rio had had a few turns fetching a ball, Dad made the motor bike make big noises & then took it in the river...weirder & weirder! I was really worried that Dad might fall in the water coz he was wibbly, wobbly all over the place...I just had to follow him in case he needed rescuing! Luckily he didn't fall in coz I don't think I'd have been able to pick up him or the motor bike for that matter...coz I haven't got opposable thumbs!! Here's a Smilebox with videos of our antics:

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  1. Hey, that looks like lots of fun :)

  2. I'm impressed! With the dogs that is. John, you were all over the place and slow as a turtle. Next time let's see a real wake.