Thursday, 15 July 2010

Yet more cuddles for Rio!

Last Sunday we all went on a fantastic New Forest walk that my mate Kodi's Mum & Dad (Paula & Stuart) organised - thank you very very much Aunty Paula & Uncle Stuart. It was a mini-whizz as there were 7 vizzies, Rio & Kodi (obviously!) plus Indy & Alf came with Uncle Roger & Aunty Gail, and Ruby & Lexi came with their Mum & Dad (Aunty Jane & Uncle Paul). After our walk we all went back to Kodi's house & the hoomans had this thing called a smelt really good but, as usual, us vizzies had to make do with bones...not that I'm complaining as I LOVE my bones!!

However, I do have one little bruv gets LOADS of cuddles (just look at the photos below!)...what about me folks...I like cuddles too!!

Rio & Uncle Stuart...who do you reckon looks more content?!

Rio snuggled up & asleep in Dad's arms!

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