Sunday, 18 July 2010

17th July 2010 - Dorset Charity Horse & Dog Show

Yesterday was yet another busy & exciting day for Rio & me...aren't we the lucky ones!!

Mum woke us up pretty early - 7 o'clock...yuk...doesn't she know that we both love our beds! She took us straight out for a walk in the woods behind our house - that was pretty cool as we managed to play with some dogs that we don't meet very often. After we'd had our breakfast it was into the car - I was a bit confused at this stage coz I usually have a bit of a nap after breakfast!! Anyhow's, Mum took us to some big fields not too far from home...there were LOADS & LOADS of other dogs there (& horses too!) including my vizzie mates Alf, Ellie, Sasha & Rufus plus my honorary vizzie mate Gem!

First of all we watched Sasha, Rufus & Gem do an agility competition...I was watching really closely to get some tips for when I do my first competition. They did SO well...all getting clear rounds &, guess what, Sasha was FIRST - way to go Sasha!! I would have liked to have a go but, coz I'm a big boy, I would've had to jump at full height whereas I'm still only jumping "medium" at my classes...oh well, another time!

Then it was time for Rio to have a new experience...

Mum had entered him for the "Open Puppy" pedigree class...his very first show! I was so nervous for him that I could hardly watch!!!!

It was a big class (about 18 other dogs including 2 vizzies that we hadn't met before) & Rio was near the back of the queue so he had a lot of waiting to do. Mum kept talking to him & getting him to "stand" to distract him from everything else that was going on. At last it was Rio's turn - Mum asked him to "stand" in front of the lady judge, which he did quite nicely (he didn't do too much "hokey cokey" with his back legs!!)...though I'm not sure why Mum kept holding on to his boy bits...she's a funny Mummy!!!! The lady judge looked in his eyes & at his lovely, new, white teeth, rubbed his ears, scratched his back & tummy, & felt all down his legs...I could put up with that!! Then she felt his boy bits too...weird or what?...though Rio didn't seem to mind...double-weird or what! Then Rio had to trot round in a sort of circle...he looked very handsome & so grown-up.

After the lady judge had stroked all the dogs she walked around a bit looking at all of them again. Then...oh I'm excited just thinking about it (!)...she pointed to six dogs & asked them to go towards her...RIO WAS ONE OF THE SIX! She looked at all the dogs again & then asked Rio to do a little trot - he did it beautifully...if I'd been a hooman I'd have cried with pride (hee, hee...I'm a poet & didn't know it!!)! The judge had one more look & then pointed to 3 dogs...guess what...RIO WAS ONE OF THE THREE!

The judge then handed out these rosette things...guess what...RIO WAS SECOND & got a lovely blue rosette...way to go bruv!! Mum n me were so proud particularly as the dog that came first (a Lowchen) was nearly 1 & had a very experienced handler Mummy!! When we got home, Mum gave us both a yummy lamb rib to celebrate!

Unfortunately we haven't got any pictures of Rio strutting his stuff in the ring but here are a couple that Mum took when we got home:

Rio having a well derserved rest!

Ah, handsome boy!


  1. Wow way to go Rio, the first of many no doubt!!!
    And of course well done Juliet too, so how nervous were you then, i'd have been a mess!
    Take care see you soon
    Nicky x

  2. Thank you Nicky. I can't tell you how nervous I was...the butterflies have only just stopped!! Jx

  3. Bailey and Chloe say, "way to go little Rio." Growing up big like your brother. Your mum sounds like a veteran of the ring.

  4. Congratulations Rio, I'd never be able to stand still that long Roo x

  5. Yay! Nephew Rio makes his showing debut :) Congratulations Rio and Juliet too x

  6. Good job Rio! Manly hugs...