Tuesday, 13 July 2010

25th June 2010...more fun at Sandbanks dog beach!

Mum & Dad took us back to the dog beach at Sandbanks today...what fun we had swimming fetching the dummy & wubba from the water. Here's a few pictures of us doing what vizzies do best:

We just have to fetch the wubba together!!

Radar looking very elegant!!

Rio...the mini torpedo!!


  1. You guys are so lucky living so close to the sea and the New Forest...I must hint to my mum and dad...I wonder if they'll notice if I live the 'puter on rightmove hee hee!:)

  2. Carly thinks she is too much of a lady to get right in and swim, Marvin on the other hand, he loves it, but then he is such a boy!