Wednesday, 14 July 2010

14th July 2010 - Rio's in trouble!

Rio’s in disgrace…on our way back from a walk this evening, he decided to roll in the wettest, smelliest fox poo imaginable – it was not only all over his back but also all down his neck AND in his ears AND on his collar....yuk!

It gets worse...I managed to pull him off the stinking pile of fox c***p & put his lead on. What happens...he tries to roll his lead is now covered in the stuff...double yuk!

It gets even worse...he then decides to shake so I get covered in it too...triple yuk is an understatement! BTW, Radar, at this stage, has decided, sensibly, to keep his distance!

We then get home & I open the stair-gate so that I can go upstairs to remove the offending clothing...what happens...he manages to fly by me & promptly jumps straight on our bed & ROLLS...I probably don't have to say anything else apart from the fact that the washing machine is now on!!

Here's the picture for you to "enjoy" of Rio's back…shame it isn’t smelly vision!!!!

Anyway, the end result was that he had to suffer the garden hose treatment (he was NOT impressed!) this was then followed by a Neem bath because he still smelt disgusting (believe it or not, I felt a bit guilty giving him a cold shower so the bath was warm...yes, I am beyond help!)!! Go on tell me how to stop him rolling in disgusting stuff...he's had more baths in 6 months than Radar's had in 3 years!

But his "mischief" didn't end there...

While I was putting my clothes, the sponges, towels, his collar & lead etc into the washing machine he decided to pull a load of poo bags down off the kitchen surface & tear them into a million pieces...luckily they were unused!


  1. LOL and then Oh My God!!! That is just so funny, love it (well I am sure I would not have especially the sharing parts)! I completely sympathise, Marvin loves the brand Eau De Swanpoo - thankfully he hasn't come into contact with the Fox variety!!!

  2. Oh Rio you scamp!! You're not alone, whilst on holiday Ruby did exactly the same thing, except being in a caravan you don't have the home comforts. Mum was NOT amused and hosed her down and scrubbed her with babywipes. Phoo she stunk!! I myself just don't get it, don't do it at all. Ha ha, best wishes from Sophie (the clean one).