Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Busy old weekend!!

Loads of great things happened this weekend...first & foremost, Dad came home! He's been away for n Rio have missed him loads & loads! He actually got back on Saturday night...we waited up specially so that we could give him BIG licks & nibbles...I think he wished he'd been wearing armour coz we well & truly mobbed him!! He did look a bit different tho...he'd got all this fur on his face...maybe he was trying to look like didn't half tickle when I gave him kisses!!!!

Our Dad...!

I spent some quality time with Dad on Sunday...just me & him...yeah!! This was coz Mum took Rio to another of those show things...this time they went to the Hungarian Vizsla Club Championship Show in a place called Brackley. Guess little bruv did us proud again...he came first in the Minor Puppy class...he was also Best Puppy Dog...AND...he got Reserve Best Puppy in Show...what a clever boy. As usual Mum forgot to take any pictures of him at the show so Dad took one when they got home - here he is "standing" with Mum in the garden...just look at those rosettes & trophies:

And here's one of me...

I don't do "standing" but I do a very handsome sit!!

After all the excitement of Dad coming home & of Rio's show success, we were pretty tired so, coz I was so proud of him, I let Rio share my duvet when we went for a little nap:

Yesterday, Rio n me just wanted to stay close to Dad...just in case he decided to go to sea again:

Rio camping out on the bean-bag in Dad's office!
Here's me "lying" guard at the office door!!

Yesterday afternoon, Dad & Mum took us to a new beach called Studland...& guess get there we had to go on a thing called a ferry...was that exciting or what?!! Here's a picture that Dad took of Studland's looking back towards Sandbanks & if you look real carefully you can see the ferry:

We had a really great time...we did loads of swimming & there were masses of sand-dunes to run around in:

Mum using the ball chucky thing...just to encourage us to run around the if we needed encouraging!


  1. Looks all very good and homey. Rio, you are turning out to be quite the winner in the ring.

    Great post. Sure looks like a great place to be a Vizsla.


  2. I bet Radar and Rio aren't the only ones happy to have Dad back home. What a great weekend!

    (It's also a very nice sit Radar - I think very deserving of a special award too!)

  3. Great dog in such a nice place! Lucky you :)