Thursday, 30 September 2010

PLEASE READ the New Polymyositis Page!

Polymyositis (PM) has been known in the Vizlsa breed for at least 6 years - it's a horrendous disease that causes terrible suffering to both our precious red friends & their owners &, unfortunately, it is becoming more & more prevalent. One of the first Vizslas we met was the gorgeous Radio - here are a couple of pictures of him:

Radio before he was diagnosed with Polymyositis
Radio after he developed Polymyositis - sadly, Radio died aged 3.

What I want to know is how any breeder could knowing allow this to happen...but they do! Incredibly there are breeders out there that CONTINUE to breed from bitches & dogs that are known to have produced PM puppies in the past - to my mind, that is not only irresponsible but is also verging on the criminal.

Responsible breeders are already doing everything they can to ensure that proposed matings are safe & if there is any doubt whatsoever they STOP...they DON'T breed from their bitch & they REMOVE their dog from the stud list...that's what being responsible means!

Here in the UK we are so lucky to have someone like Di Addicott who is working tirelessly trying to persuade people who are known to have PM in their lines to swab their dogs. Up until now she has sometimes felt like she was bashing her head against a brick wall such has been the ostrich like attitude of some people. Happily, she now has people like Elaine Bradley, Lynn Eales & Rosemary Frost (to name but a few)...people who are standing up for our beloved breed & supporting Di's efforts to find a way to free our genetic pool from the scourge of this devastating disease. Hopefully, there are people just like them in other countries round the world who are doing the same?

So what can we all do to help? The simple answer is "spread the word" because the more people who know about this devastating disease & the ongoing research the better - one of the easiest ways of doing this is by taking copies of the fact sheet with you every time you go out walking & handing them to every Vizsla owner you doesn't sound much, but, believe me, even that would help!

So what else...:
  • if you know, or even suspect, that there's PM in your lines
  • or
  • if you know, or suspect, that your dog or bitch has produced a puppy with the symptoms (even if you haven't had a definitive diagnosis)
  • or
  • you know someone with a PM dog or bitch (even if that dog or bitch has now passed away)
Then please contact Di Addicott (or your breed society if you live outside the UK) & she will tell you how to go about collecting a swab from all the necessary dogs.

This wonderful breed give us so much love & affection, so much loyalty & braveness...please do help if you can...thank you!

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    I will spread the word here in the US through my channels.

    Good work and here is to healthy Vizslas around the world.