Saturday, 11 September 2010

A bit of "furry" training!!

As you've probably realised by now, we like to give "the boys" variety in their training & try our best to make it all fun!! Today was a case in point...I managed to get hold of a "fur on" bunny & thought it would be good for Radar & Rio to get used to handling it...gently - neither have much, if any, experience in holding something furry in their mouths (apart from each other!!!). I guess, being "bird dogs" it would have been better to get a pheasant...but the season hasn't started yet so a rabbit had to do!!

Meet our training pal...Bugs!

The idea was to introduce them to "Bugs" & then to let them hold him gently (without chewing!) until I said "hand"...which is the command I use when I want them to put "something" in my hand...ball, dummy &, in this case, Bugs! Here they are "getting acquainted":

Umm...Rio's first meeting with Bugs!

Radar gently nudging Bugs with his nose!

Unfortunately I found it impossible to use the camera when they were actually holding the rabbit...needed another pair of hands!! But they both did really well...both eventually holding it & then giving it back to me in one piece...clever boys!

Bugs has now been returned to our local Barf pet food shop...

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