Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Radar at Agility...& Mum's new camera!!

It was agility again for me & Rio last Wednesday. Dad had bought Mum a new video camera so she (with Aunty Tracey's help!) just had to try it out when I was running...only one problem...she's just discovered that she can't load the videos directly to the Blog...it's something called an MP5...eh?!! Anyhow's...we've put them on UTube...here are the links:

Click here for the first one Radar at Agility... - silly Mum, she forgot that I needed time for my eyes to readjust when coming out of the tunnel...she gave the "stretch" command to quickly...doh!

Here's the second one Radar at Agility...take 2!...that's better, she got it right this time!!

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  1. What fun you have Radar! I think Hank and Scarlet would enjoy that too! Well done!