Monday, 11 October 2010

My mates...Charlie & Ezsti...

This afternoon Rio n me had a really great walk (& swim) at Hengistbury Head...&, guess who we saw...our mates Charlie & Ezsti - they'd brought along Ezsti's Mum & Dad (Mandy & Ian) so that they could get a bit of exercise too...though I didn't notice any of the humans doing much running around...they did do quite a lot of talking though! I hadn't seen Charlie for ages n fact I've only seen him once since our brilliant holiday in France back in was SO good to catch up with him was a shame his Mum & Dad weren't there ('pparently they were at something called a wedding) would've been good to give them some special Radar & Rio kisses!!!

There's Charlie sitting at the back (coz he's the most growd-up!!), then in the front "row" there's (from left to right) Ezsti, me n can see Mudeford in the background!
We were pretty good at posing don't you think?!! Here's a couple of videos that Dad took of us all getting ready for the posing pictures...Dad reckoned it was really funny watching the "preparation"...



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