Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Patchwork Pup Returns!

Oh dear...I had such a brilliant day on Monday & then it all got spoilt!

After I'd told him all about my day at work, Dad took me out for a walk through the woods & I was having a great time playing with some of my Beardie Collie friends. Then this German Shepherd called Tyson appeared &, suddenly, decided to attack me...don't know why - maybe he was jealous of all the fun we were having. He scratched & bit my back but I was very brave & only had a little cry! Here's a picture of one of the bites...ouch!

Coz there were two pretty deep bites Mum & Dad took me to see the emergency vet lady - she was quite nice & very gentle...she said that I'd need some stitches but she couldn't do them then coz I'd already eaten my dinner - instead she gave me two ' was in case Tyson put any nasty bugs in me & the other was in case the bites hurt during the night.

Then, yesterday morning, Mum took me to see Vet Ali. Ali said I'd been very brave as both the bites were pretty deep but that I'd have to be brave for a bit longer coz she wanted to give then a good clean & sew them up. I woz a bit scared coz they hurt quite a bit when she pressed them! Mum told me to be a good boy & wait & that she'd come back later - I gave her a big kiss before she her right on the lips...ha, ha!

A bit later Nurse Sue gave me another ' made me very sleepy so I snuggled down in the bed she'd made me. I woke up with a headache & very hungry coz I hadn't had any breakfast, lunch or anyfing - Nurse Sue gave me this funny chicken & rice stuff from a tin...yuk...if I hadn't been so hungry I'd have asked for some proper Barfy stuff! When I looked I saw that someone had shaved a bit of fur from one of my legs & also from two places on my back...that brought back some horrid memories! In the two shaved bits on my back I could just see, if I turned my head right round, that Vet Ali had sewn up the bites...they were a bit sore but I was feeling too sleepy to tell anyone.

Mum & Dad came to collect me in the afternoon - I was still feeling sleepy & a bit grumpy but after I'd had some Barf & chicken wings I felt much better. And today I've been feeling really good again even though I do look a bit funny with my shaved bits. Here's a picture of me enjoying a lamb rib when Mum & me got back from Agility...yes, I was well enough to do way I'd miss's my favourite!!


  1. Ouch...that looks painful. Let me know if you want me to send you the life preserver that goes around the neck to stop him for licking it. He's a brave boy!

  2. oh no! Glad you are all patched up and best wishes for a quick recovery. I"ve added your blog to my list of blogging vizslas.

  3. hello radar its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh noes!!! i also had similar owtcheez wen a dog frum across the street ran into my yard just to attak me it wuz no fun i can tel yoo!!! ok bye