Sunday, 29 November 2009

17th to 24th November 2009 - Our Holidays'

One day Mum took me to Auntie Gails and Uncle Rogers - and she left me! I couldn't believe it! One moment I was tucking into my dinner barf and the next thing Mum had gone and didn't come back for ages -  at least eleventy dinners! I was pretty upset for awhile but Auntie Gail gave me chikin wings and lots of ear rubs and let me snuggle on her bed and things were sorta fuzzy after that and then one day...Mum and Dad were back! Parently they went to somewhere called Merica by flying - now I'm not sure about that cos I had a good sniff round and they defo ain't got no wings. Anyways I couldn't go cos it was too far for my car or even my van to go - must be really far cos I'd been to the snowy place called Alps in that!  Anyways, I'm going to let Mum explain cos I wasn't there - she can't write proper like me but spect it'll be ok....

Ok Radar, I'll try my best to write proper like what you do!!

Radar had a holiday with Gail, Roger & Indy because John & I went for a short break to San Francisco. I know we had a great time & it sounds like Radar did too...lots of spoiling - thank you so much Gail & Roger for looking after our special boy!

Anyway, back to our US break in the bustling city of Walnut Creek (which is about 24 miles east of San Francisco)...the best way to describe it is through the pictures we took, so I've put together a short Smilebox...enjoy!

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BTW...I know this is Radar's Blog...(I have thanked him very much for letting me write on it!!) but we wanted to share the pictures with you all & also to thank Rod & Joanie for all their hospitality AND for letting us spend some time with their gorgeous vizzies, Chloe & Bailey.

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  1. A great smilebox Juliet. We had a great time with John and you. See you in the New Forest one day soon.