Sunday, 29 November 2009

29th November 2009 - New Forest Viz Whizz at Mill Lawn, Burley

Hey, wow, fantastic...I got to play with loadsa vizzie friends today. Mum woz obviously feeling guilty bout leavin me behind when she & Dad went on holiday to Merica so she'd arranged a was THE BEST & even tho it woz very, very wet loadsa humans & vizzies came.

Here we are getting ready to set off - it was VERY
wet...the tiny stream had turned into a river & a lake!!

The vizzie roll-call was: Indy, Fergus, Rudh Kai (my nephew...even though we're the same age!), Rudh Maw, Darcy, Maple (my pregnant litter sister!), Jake, Morph, Ollie, Milton, Hugo, Ernie, Enzo, Sasha, Ellie, Kodi, Saffron (another litter sister...used to be called Miss Yellow!) there were 18 vizzies (including me!) & 26 humans...fantastic, particularly as the weather was so grotty - thank you so much for making my Sunday so special!!

Here we all are, having a break under the trees...the
humans had coffee & vizzies had
some yummy liver cake that Mum had made for us!!

Nearly time to go...just a few more photo opportunities!!

When we all got back to the cars, my old mates Herbie & Hazel (& their Mum & Dad, Mel & Simon) were there...they were a bit late so missed the big walk...I was very sad as I hadn't seen them since last year & it would have been good to have a play with them...oh well, another time!

Mum didn't take many photos this time, but her friend Rachel did...if you fancy a look, click on this Smilebox link:


  1. It looks like a Vizsla love fest...what fun!
    Juliet, I just ordered some Neem oil spray (for humans & pets), and I also order some Neem pet shampoo. Have you ever tried the shampoo?

  2. Hi Cindy - it certainly was a love's amazing how they all get on so well together!!
    Yes I have used the Neem shampoo on Radar - after he was so ill & had been taking so many drugs, his immune system was completely upside down & he got demodex mange - the demodex mite is always present but a lowered immunity lets it take hold. I, obviously, didn't want to give him any more drugs so I used the shampoo along side Neem lotion...within 10 days the hair started to grow back & the mite levels were reduced too. Good luck!!