Monday, 26 April 2010

25th April 2010 - Rio...all stacked up...not!!

As some of you may know, I'm going to be going to these things called "shows"...I'm not really sure what that means but I think I get to see loads of other vizzies (which is great)...I also have to stand still (which isn't so great...or easy!).

Anyhows...I've started going to these classes called "Ringcraft" every Wednesday - when I'm there I have to do all sorts of different stuff like...stand still with my head & tail up...let different people feel me all over (including my boy bits!!!)...trot up & down a mat thing! I'm getting better at the trotting thing though it's hard not to look at all the other dogs...particularly the pretty ones! I also don't mind people touching me (Mum does it all the time so I'm used to it)...I don't even mind when they put their fingers in my mouth coz I'm learning to have a "soft mouth" which means I don't bite! But the standing bit is REALLY REALLY HARD...I just want to run around meeting new friends, sniffing good smells n stuff. I think I'm getting better though...last week I stood still for all of 5 seconds!!!! However, Mum wanted to get some pictures of me standing yesterday so asked Mum Caroline to help - they thought I'd be happy to stand still as I'd be tired after the walk...yeah right!! Here's a Smilebox of my laughing now!!

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25th April 2010 - quality time with Mum!

Yes, it's me again!! The other great thing that happened yesterday was that I got to spend some quality time with my Mum,'s some pictures of us sitting the way, that's my Aunty Darcy in the background!

Ah...such a pretty Mum...I think I'm quite handsome too!

What d'ya reckon to our right hand profiles...?

And the left...!

Look at those ears...!

Snuggling up close!


25th April 2010 - Rio & Coco make up for lost time!!

Radar's been hugging the computer for TOO it's my turn to post something on this bloggy thing!

I had a brilliant time yesterday meeting loads & loads of other red dogs...thank you Mum & Dad for arranging it! I also got to have really nice cuddles with masses of can't remember all their names (sorry!) but my special Mum Caroline, Aunty Clare & Aunty Martine gave me some particularly nice cuddles & return I made sure that their faces were squeaky clean...hee, hee!!

I also got to play with my two litter sisters...Lilly & Coco. It was a pity that none of my brothers could make...perhaps another time? Anyhows, Coco & I had a real good play fight at the pub place...did we have fun or's some pictures for you to enjoy:

Sunday, 25 April 2010

New Forest Viz Whizz - Mill Lawn, Burley

We've just had the most amazing whizz in the whole wide world...Mum & Dad took us into the New Forest for a walk &, guess what, we actually had a walk with about 40 other vizzies!

This whizz was a particularly special one as it was Rio's first official Viz Whizz...what a brilliant way to start - he had a great time "meeting & greeting" all the other vizzies & their human companions!! In fact, half the time Mum & Dad couldn't find him as he'd gone off for a cuddle with someone!!!

Our Uncle Rod (from California), should have been at the whizz, but, unfortunately, couldn't come this time...I don't really understand 'xactly why but it was something to do with a silly volcano thingie putting ash stuff in the air which meant the big white bird plane couldn't fly! Hopefully by looking at all the great photos of us ginger boys & girls he'll be a little bit less disappointed that he couldn't be with us! A bit of good news...'partently he's told Mum & Dad that he & Aunty Joanie will be coming to see us another time...please, please, please come soon...we'll arrange another Viz Whizz just for you!!!

So to the photos...boy were there loads & loads! Mum & Dad love this one of me (Radar)...clever Uncle Damian took I look like I'm having fun or what!!!

Here are some links to loads of others on Flickr. This first one is of pictures that Dad & Mum took:

Now to some really professional shots courtesy of my mate Morph's Mum & Dad...Uncle Damian & Aunty Laura:

My mate Fergus had also posted some photos on his Blog...check it out:

20th April 2010 - fun in the garden!

It's so good that we're getting some sunny weather means that Radar & me can play in the garden every day! Here's a quick Smilebox of us doing our normal rough & tumble stuff:

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18th April 2010 - Dad's just SO strict!!

I love my Dad so much despite him being really, really strict with me...he says I have to sleep in my crate, am not allowed on the furniture etc etc. So what'd you reckon to this photo of me (Rio)...hee, hee?!!!!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

11th April 2010 - Mini Whizz!

We had a great walk today...Aunty Rachel phoned up & invited us to a new walking place near Broomhill. As well as Sasha & Ellie, Aunty Gail & Uncle Roger came too with Indy & there were SIX vizzies...good practice for our big whizz on the 25th!!!

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10th April 2010 - Radar's Agility Competition

We had a competition at my agility club today...doing jumps, tunnels & weaves. It was brilliant fun...we each had 3 turns. I think I was disqualified during my first run (I ran past a jump by mistake...whoops!) & I got 5 faults on my 3rd run (I knocked down the last jump...typical!) but on my 2nd run I got a clear round (yippee!!) - here's the video Dad took:

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9th April 2010 - At Sandbanks beach...

Dad, Mum & Nana Iris took us to Sandbanks beach today. It was really sunny & we had a great time digging & running in the sand...Dad had also bought us a bright orange Kong wet Wubba. I had a brilliant time fetching it out of the sea! Rio didn't go swimming this time but he did some good paddling...maybe next time he'll try out the swim thing! Here's a Smilebox for you...don't laugh too much at Mum's throwing...!!

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8th April 2010 - Just me (Rio) & Dad!

Quality time!!

6th April 2010 - Fun & bones!

I just love my bones & Rio does too...loves MY bones that is!!!

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5th April 2010 - Playing at home!

We haven't had a chance to post anything for ages...busy, busy, busy!!'s a Smilebox of Rio & me playing together...just for a change!

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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Vizsla Club of America...

I just had to post this link - it's the VCA's 50th anniversary & they've put a superb video on their site. For those that love this breed, & its history, this is a must watch:

Keep watching...don't stop in the middle!!