Monday, 26 April 2010

25th April 2010 - Rio & Coco make up for lost time!!

Radar's been hugging the computer for TOO it's my turn to post something on this bloggy thing!

I had a brilliant time yesterday meeting loads & loads of other red dogs...thank you Mum & Dad for arranging it! I also got to have really nice cuddles with masses of can't remember all their names (sorry!) but my special Mum Caroline, Aunty Clare & Aunty Martine gave me some particularly nice cuddles & return I made sure that their faces were squeaky clean...hee, hee!!

I also got to play with my two litter sisters...Lilly & Coco. It was a pity that none of my brothers could make...perhaps another time? Anyhows, Coco & I had a real good play fight at the pub place...did we have fun or's some pictures for you to enjoy:

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