Sunday, 25 April 2010

New Forest Viz Whizz - Mill Lawn, Burley

We've just had the most amazing whizz in the whole wide world...Mum & Dad took us into the New Forest for a walk &, guess what, we actually had a walk with about 40 other vizzies!

This whizz was a particularly special one as it was Rio's first official Viz Whizz...what a brilliant way to start - he had a great time "meeting & greeting" all the other vizzies & their human companions!! In fact, half the time Mum & Dad couldn't find him as he'd gone off for a cuddle with someone!!!

Our Uncle Rod (from California), should have been at the whizz, but, unfortunately, couldn't come this time...I don't really understand 'xactly why but it was something to do with a silly volcano thingie putting ash stuff in the air which meant the big white bird plane couldn't fly! Hopefully by looking at all the great photos of us ginger boys & girls he'll be a little bit less disappointed that he couldn't be with us! A bit of good news...'partently he's told Mum & Dad that he & Aunty Joanie will be coming to see us another time...please, please, please come soon...we'll arrange another Viz Whizz just for you!!!

So to the photos...boy were there loads & loads! Mum & Dad love this one of me (Radar)...clever Uncle Damian took I look like I'm having fun or what!!!

Here are some links to loads of others on Flickr. This first one is of pictures that Dad & Mum took:

Now to some really professional shots courtesy of my mate Morph's Mum & Dad...Uncle Damian & Aunty Laura:

My mate Fergus had also posted some photos on his Blog...check it out:


  1. Oh so much fun! Looks like a great time. I am so sad I wasn't able to join you. Love to read the full report on the Viz Whizz. 100 pounds for Vizsla Rescue. What a great idea. Might need to set up something like this here in the Bay area.

    Bailey and Chloe would have loved to join in.


  2. Hi Rod - we were so sorry you weren't able to join us for what was a brilliant time! I'll be doing a more comprehensive post later today...I just wanted to get the basics on last night. Juliet x