Monday, 8 March 2010

Welcome home Rio!

Well what a weekend we've all had...busy, busy, busy & noisy, noisy, noisy!!

Mum & Dad went to collect my new brother (now called Rio!) on Saturday. Aunty Caroline & Uncle David were a bit sad to see him go but we told them that Rio would be well looked after & loved lots. Plus we promised to get together again really soon so that they could see how Rio's getting on.

Rio's a bit noisy sometimes...particularly at confusing...why does he want to go in the garden when it's all dark & cold...funny boy! We've already introduced him to lots of different people so that he can be as well socialised as me!! Aunty Gail & Uncle Roger came round to see him yesterday & so did Aunty Jilly...he got loads of hugs but, luckily, they didn't forget me & I got loads of hugs too! Then, this morning, he went on his first walk with me...he looked really funny coz Mum put him in a bag as she said he was too little to walk outside yet! He met two of my vizzie mates - Maestro & Toffee - & loads of other dogs & people came up to say hello too!

Mum & me have put together a small Smilebox for you to look at...when Rio's bigger I might let him write in our Blog but, at the moment, he's too small to reach the computer!!

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  1. OMG that is so cute...I have to have one!....

    Oi, mum, get off the computer. Hrm, not sure - maybe i suppose he does look kind of fun...

  2. AWWW, don't step into my radar or i'll steal ya.

  3. Oh Juliet, I can't stop watching the videos, Rio is so cute and how gentle is Radar, such a good boy.
    Made me all broody for another ginger boy to join our two!
    Give both boys a cuddle from me and a woof woof from Fergus and Winston

  4. Rio is just so sweet! But a little rebel I'm sure ;-) I think he is wondering why Radar doesn't taste as good as his Mum did! Radar is just THE most patient big bro in the world - those two will be great mates in no time.

  5. Yeah Rio! Welcome to the wonderful world. You have some great folks in John and Juliet. See you in April. John, looks like you have a new love.

  6. I must get Stuart to watch - I've been trying to convince him that we need another and the videos of them playing together are just so adorable. Can't wait till he's big enough to join us on a ruff and tumble viz whiz