Monday, 15 March 2010

Busy first week!

Well it's the end of my first week in my new home...ha, ha...who said I was too little to use the computer!! Anyhows, I thought you'd all like to know some of the things that I've been up to with my Mum & Dad & my bestest, bestest brother Radar!

Mum took me on quite a few of Radar's walks last week but she said I was too little to actually walk & insisted that I sit in a uncool is that...I made sure that I did a lot of wriggling to keep Mum on her toes!!! Then, on Friday, we went to see the vet lady to have my first 'jection - she must have liked me coz she tickled my tummy & my toes & then gave me some yummy liver treats!!

As I've had my 'juection I'm allowed to do a bit of walking...hurrah, the bag's been put back in the cupboard!! On Saturday we went to a place called St Catherine's I am with Radar...I'm practising my "sits"!!

One thing I really love is my food...coz I want to grow big & strong like Radar, I'm a Barf dog...that means that I get to eat loads of yummy raw meat & bones & vegetables & stuff. Here's a picture (sorry it's a bit fuzzy...there was no way I was going to sit still!!) of me having a scrummy chicken carcass for breakfast...Dad reckoned it was almost as big as me & was really surprised when I ate every scrap!!

Then yesterday (Sunday) we went to this place called was very big & the water made funny growly noises which were a bit scary...when I get bigger I'll go back & growl at it!! The sand was pretty good tickled my pads & was great for digging in!

Phew...all this new stuff to do...exhausting!!

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