Thursday, 29 October 2009

I'm a Caring Canine!

Mum took me to meet a lady called Sue this morning. She was really nice - I would've liked to get on her lap & give her a proper Vizzie kiss...but Mum wouldn't let me! Instead I did some "sits", "downs" & "calms" for her - in return, she rubbed my back & ears...ah, so good! She also wanted to look in my mouth so Mum showed her how I've learnt to "open-wider"...she thought that woz very clever & she gave me some yummy treats which, of course, I took very gently!! Then she said I'd passed...I didn't even know I was doing an was just normal stuff to me. Anyway, I'm now officially a Therapy Dog & will be starting work in about 2 weeks - I'm going to be working at a place where special people go to get help...I'm really looking forward to it...I'll let you know how I get watch this space!!


  1. Just discovered your blog and think it's great. I also have a Vizsla - you can see him here