Sunday, 21 February 2010

Another New Forest Viz Whizz!

I had a really brilliant walk today...Kodi's Mum & Dad (Aunty Paula & Uncle Stuart) organised another whizz in the New Forest. We went to a different place this time...somewhere called Wilverley was really cool with loads of space to run around & water & mud an' stuff to run through!! Mum didn't take many photos but my mate Fergus' Mum & Dad (Aunty Nicky & Uncle Mike) took masses - if you click on this link you'll be able to look at Fergus' Blog & the Smilebox that he made:

I've just received the following link from my mate Morph (it was his 1st birthday yesterday...I bet he loved the liver cake that Aunty Paula made!!)...anyhows, there's loads more pictures of our walk that you can enjoy:

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Puppy Update!

Yesterday, Mum, Dad & me went to see Maple & her pups. I was really excited as Aunty Caroline & Uncle David said that I could get to see them. I was a bit nervous coz I didn't want to upset being such a big, grown-up vizzie an' all & her being the new Mum of 8 tiny pups! But I didn't need to worry coz Mapes really wanted me to meet them & she was really cool & relaxed when I said "Hi" to each of them! They were all really cute & smelt really nice (sort of puppyish!). I was a bit disappointed that they didn't want to play with me just yet...maybe next time when they're a bit bigger! Mum & Dad took LOADS of pictures while we were are just a few of them on a Smilebox for you to enjoy!

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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My brilliant sister!

I expect you remember me telling you that my sister, Maple, started having her puppies just before we went away to France...well I thought you might like a bit of an update!!!!

Guess what, Mapes had EIGHT puppies...6 boys & 2 girls - I'm just so proud of her...I still can't quite believe that my sister's a Mum now! Their names (at the moment!) are:

Mr Blue (Macadamia)
Mr Turquoise (Peanut)
Mr Orange (Cashew)
Miss Red (Coconut)
Miss Pink (Butternut)
Mr Green (Pistachio)
Mr Yellow (Filbert)
Mr Purple (Acorn)


Anyhows...Mum really wanted to see them so that she could give Aunty Caroline, Maple & the pups big hugs & kisses...yuk...girl stuff!! So yesterday (Tuesday) Mum, me & Aunty Gail (she wanted to do all that girlie stuff too!) drove up to Swindon to see them all. Here's a Smilebox with the pictures Mum took:

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Our Winter Holiday - 16th to 30th January 2010

You might wonder why I haven't written much for a while...well, that's coz I took Dad & Mum on holiday again...aren't they just so lucky!!! We went back to that Chapelle d'Abondance French place that we went to last year but this time it was even better coz my mate Charlie came too which meant I had someone to play with. Course he brought his Dad & Mum with him (that's my Uncle Steve & Aunty Sally!!) which woz brilliant coz they're my bestest friends too!

Mum & Dad did that weird skiing stuff most days...still don't know why they need to put those funny long ski things on their feet...I manage going down-hill just fine. AND I can go up-hill too...they have to take their skis off & get in little cars to get to the top of the mountain! Mind you, I went in those cars a few was pretty cool...I liked sitting on the seat & looking at the nice views!

As usual, Mum & Dad took loads of pictures - I hope you enjoy looking at much as I enjoyed posing for them!

What's that white stuff on my nose?!


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One day Charlie stayed with us while his Mum & Dad went off skiing...we had a great walk together up into the mountains to look at a waterfall...but, although Dad showed it to us, we weren't convinced...what do you reckon...have a look at this Smilebox & see if you can see any water?!!

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More snow came down overnight on the 24th...this is the view from our balcony...pretty isn't it!

On Monday afternoon, Dad went off to do some serious skiing, so Mum & me went for a great walk with Charlie, Aunty Sally, Uncle Steve & Grandma Jan. Yes, you've guessed it...more photos to look at!

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Another day, another walk...aren't Charlie & me the luckiest vizzies ever!

29th January...oh dear, it was our last day...we were leaving really early on the Saturday morning (30th)...about 7 a.m. (yuk!)...I'm surprised Mum & Dad didn't have to carry me out to the van...getting out from under my duvet before 8 a.m. is NOT what a teenage vizzie does!!! Anyhow, back to the 29th...

In the morning we had just the most brilliant walk! Dad, Mum, Uncle Steve, Aunty Sally, Charlie & me started fairly early (not 7 a.m. though!!!) & took the cable-car up the mountain. We then followed the snow-shoeing route to the top...Charlie & me, obviously didn't need snow-shoes...we're roughty, toughty vizzies!! Actually, our Mum's & Dad's didn't use them either...they must be roughty, toughty hoomans!!! It took us about an hour & a half to get to the top! We stopped for lunch at a place on the mountain...I say "lunch" be accurate "the hoomans" had lunch...they didn't bring anything for Charlie or me apart from a few dry unfair! After lunch Uncle Steve caught the cable-car down the mountain as he wanted to have a last minute ski! Dad then lead Mum, Aunty Sally, me & Charlie STRAIGHT DOWN THE, was that fun or what! Not sure that Mum & Aunty Sally thought it was that much fun...they fell over a lot & kept asking if they could walk down the road...Dad wouldn't let them!!! Anyhow, here is a Smilebox with just some of the photos...

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And so we came to the end of our brilliant holiday. We left Chapelle at about 7 o'clock on Saturday'd been snowing all night so Dad had to drive really carefully until we got to the bottom of the mountains...Mum thought it was a bit scary but I just slept!! We stopped at a few places on the way to Calais so that we could all stretch our favourite was at a place called Chateauvillain Ogres - we stopped there last year & found this really brilliant walk through some woods - here's a couple of photos of Mum & me:

We got to Calais in time to catch an earlier train which meant that we got home to Bournemouth at about 9 p.m. - it was a long old day & we were all very tired...but it was worth it! Thank you Dad for taking Mum & me on, yet another, fantastic you loads!