Sunday, 14 February 2010

Puppy Update!

Yesterday, Mum, Dad & me went to see Maple & her pups. I was really excited as Aunty Caroline & Uncle David said that I could get to see them. I was a bit nervous coz I didn't want to upset being such a big, grown-up vizzie an' all & her being the new Mum of 8 tiny pups! But I didn't need to worry coz Mapes really wanted me to meet them & she was really cool & relaxed when I said "Hi" to each of them! They were all really cute & smelt really nice (sort of puppyish!). I was a bit disappointed that they didn't want to play with me just yet...maybe next time when they're a bit bigger! Mum & Dad took LOADS of pictures while we were are just a few of them on a Smilebox for you to enjoy!

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  1. John and Juliet. I think one of them wants to go home and be Radar's little brother or sister.


  2. I think you're absolutely right!! All being well, Radar will collect his little brother (though, I guess, it will actually be his nephew!) at the beginning of March...just in time for you to have a cuddle when you visit in April!! Juliet