Monday, 24 May 2010

Summer's here!'s been really, really hot this weekend so, when we were at home, Radar & me spent loads of time lying in the shade & drinking loads of water...phew! Then Mum & Dad put this paddling pool thingie in the garden & filled it up with lovely cool water - at first I thought it was just a giant drinking bowl but Radar soon put me right & so after that I had a great time paddling & playing with my toys in it. Here's a few pictures of me doing just that:

Hey this is fun...!

Just looking handsome...sorry about the bad "stand"!

Is there room in there for both of us?!

So who's going to get the ball first!?

Oh it's disappeared...!

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In between playing in the garden, Mum & Dad took us for some great walks...on Sunday morning we went to a place called Sandbanks - it's a brilliant beach that dogs are allowed to go to all the year's got loads of lovely sand to dig in & water to paddle in - Radar did lots of swimming & I had a little go too!! Then, yesterday evening, Mum & Dad took us to the river & guess what...for the very first time I did some proper swimming &, even though I say it myself, some brilliant fetches from the water - I think my doggie Dad, Digby, would be really proud of me!

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  1. Dear Auntie Juliet
    We are very jealous and are now nagging mum n dad to get us our own paddling pool too!!! It looks like great fun.
    Love Fergus & Winston
    WOOF WOOF to our mates Rio and Radar

  2. Well done on the swimming and that paddling pool looks great, hmmm must get online and get one ordered whilst we're on the computer before Mum gets back!

  3. Wow, I'm surprised he went so deep for the rope. I have seen Luna go up to her ears but then she will stop. then again i rarely try it any deeper, maybe by now she's grown out of it. thanks for sharing