Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Our boys together!

Just looking gorgeous!

Rio paying Radar back for yesterday!!

29th March 2010 - No, Rio hasn't suddenly grown!!

Hey this brings back memories...Rio's crate is pretty cool...& peaceful!!

Who you looking at?!!

PS...sorry about the eyes...Mum just can't get to grips with the anti-red eye function!!!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

27th & 28th March 2010...loads of stuff!

Radar & me have had a really busy, busy weekend...we've done loads of great things, been to new places & seen masses of different people who, of course, wanted me to kiss them...I happily obliged!! We also met loads of dogs...some were friendly & were happy for me to play with them...others were happier playing with big bruv Radar!

Anyhows, just so's you know exactly what we did...

On Saturday morning we met Aunty Rachel & Uncle Ian at Fritham in the New Forest - they're owned by two really pretty vizzies called Ellie & Sasha...yippee...my first mini viz whizz...getting some practice in for April 25th! I thought Ellie & Sasha smelt really nice (eau de girlyviz!!) & would have really liked to play with them but they said they were scared they'd hurt me so I'd have wait till I was bigger...sooooo unfair! Guess what...Mum let me "go free" (off the lead) for some of the walk coz I'd proved to her that whenever she called "Rio come" I'd run straight back to her...am I a good puppy or what!!

Then, on Saturday afternoon, I went to agility with Radar. I had to make do with watching him do it (he's really good...though Mum did keep forgetting where she had to go next!!) coz Aunty Jo said I'd have to wait till I was a bit bigger before I could take part even though I told her I'd been practicing "go tunnel" at home!! Luckily Aunty Emily played "fetch the ball" with me which was really cool!!

This morning (Sunday) Mum took Radar & me to a place called Hengistbury Head - it was a really nice day...there were loads of people & their dogs out walking so I got to "meet & greet" lots. I watched Radar going for a swim...that looked like fun but when I tried paddling I decided it was very very cold on my toes...burrrr...maybe another time!

Then, this afternoon, we went to the Dorset Dogs Doggie Festival in Poole Park. Radar & me didn't enter any of the competitions (we wanted to give everyone else a chance...hee, hee!!)...we just did some socialisation...as you can imagine, there were LOADS of dogs to say "hello" too! We also went to see Aunty Sue & Aunty Julie at the Caring Canines stand...that's who Radar works for...they said they were looking forward to me starting work too...yeah right...I want to do loads more playing first!!

So, as you can see, it really was a busy weekend...but loads of fun too! Here's a Smilebox with a few pictures for you to enjoy!!

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Monday morning fun!

Just a few pictures & a video for you to enjoy!!

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Morning play - 21st March 2010

I can't believe it...Rio wants to get up early every morning to play...doesn't he realise I'm a teenager & need my sleep!!!

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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Houdini Rio!

That little brother of mine is a real houdini monkey!

Mum had put him in his crate with the door open, but with the puppy pen in place, while she had a shower. I was still snuggled up under my duvet when Rio started barking SO loudly. Mum & me rushed downstairs to see what was going on & this is what we found:

Rio'd not only managed to scale the side of the puppy pen (you can just see the top of it on the left of picture) but had also managed to cross the gap & get on top of the “bar stool”…& was stuck with no where else to go!!!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Quality time!

I think this Smilebox says it all...

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Monday, 15 March 2010

Sunny Day!

It's been such a lovely sunny day today...me & Rio had a great time playing in the garden together. Here's a Smilebox just for you to enjoy!

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Me & Mum!

We certainly have had a busy old week...I love my new little brother Rio loads but he isn't half noisy...here's me & Mum having a quality cuddle...I reckon she's catching up on some sleep!

Busy first week!

Well it's the end of my first week in my new home...ha, ha...who said I was too little to use the computer!! Anyhows, I thought you'd all like to know some of the things that I've been up to with my Mum & Dad & my bestest, bestest brother Radar!

Mum took me on quite a few of Radar's walks last week but she said I was too little to actually walk & insisted that I sit in a bag...how uncool is that...I made sure that I did a lot of wriggling to keep Mum on her toes!!! Then, on Friday, we went to see the vet lady to have my first 'jection - she must have liked me coz she tickled my tummy & my toes & then gave me some yummy liver treats!!

As I've had my 'juection I'm allowed to do a bit of walking...hurrah, the bag's been put back in the cupboard!! On Saturday we went to a place called St Catherine's Hill...here I am with Radar...I'm practising my "sits"!!

One thing I really love is my food...coz I want to grow big & strong like Radar, I'm a Barf dog...that means that I get to eat loads of yummy raw meat & bones & vegetables & stuff. Here's a picture (sorry it's a bit fuzzy...there was no way I was going to sit still!!) of me having a scrummy chicken carcass for breakfast...Dad reckoned it was almost as big as me & was really surprised when I ate every scrap!!

Then yesterday (Sunday) we went to this place called beach...it was very big & the water made funny growly noises which were a bit scary...when I get bigger I'll go back & growl at it!! The sand was pretty good though...it tickled my pads & was great for digging in!

Phew...all this new stuff to do...exhausting!!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Welcome home Rio!

Well what a weekend we've all had...busy, busy, busy & noisy, noisy, noisy!!

Mum & Dad went to collect my new brother (now called Rio!) on Saturday. Aunty Caroline & Uncle David were a bit sad to see him go but we told them that Rio would be well looked after & loved lots. Plus we promised to get together again really soon so that they could see how Rio's getting on.

Rio's a bit noisy sometimes...particularly at night...so confusing...why does he want to go in the garden when it's all dark & cold...funny boy! We've already introduced him to lots of different people so that he can be as well socialised as me!! Aunty Gail & Uncle Roger came round to see him yesterday & so did Aunty Jilly...he got loads of hugs but, luckily, they didn't forget me & I got loads of hugs too! Then, this morning, he went on his first walk with me...he looked really funny coz Mum put him in a bag as she said he was too little to walk outside yet! He met two of my vizzie mates - Maestro & Toffee - & loads of other dogs & people came up to say hello too!

Mum & me have put together a small Smilebox for you to look at...when Rio's bigger I might let him write in our Blog but, at the moment, he's too small to reach the computer!!

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